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There’s a laundry list of reasons why the Grand Ol’ Party has been flailing. First and foremost, we often find ourselves electing RINOs who work against our conservative values. However, it’s not entirely our fault. In many instances, we are forced to pick from a pool of second-string establishment candidates, courtesy of the RNC, led by RINO-lover Ronna McDaniel. The ugly truth is that the GOP has more in common with the left than with the America First movement.

To make matters worse, the irrational hatred aimed at President Trump has resulted in internal party chaos, not only within the GOP but across the entire US government. We’re watching all of our institutions crash and burn because the powers that be don’t want an outsider infiltrating their ranks. However, all that being said, one of the most serious issues plaguing the Republican Party actually stems from the disastrous donor class. It’s actually surreal to watch how out of touch the political elites on the right seem to be with everyday Americans. Their recent delusions concerning establishment figure Nikki Haley highlight their disconnection and, frankly, their downright foolishness. These clueless buffoons are so desperate for “anybody but Trump” that they’ve convinced themselves that a politician even less popular than Ron DeSantis can actually defeat President Trump.

It’s amazing how people who are so wealthy and so smart when it comes to business or finance are no smarter than you or I when it comes to politics.

Business Insider:

As Nikki Haley has risen in polls, so has her viability among top political donors, per The Times.

Some donors are describing Haley’s candidacy as one that’s creating enthusiasm among party leaders.

GOP donor Eric Levine told The Times that Trump’s air of inevitability has “peeled away completely.”

A few stodgy political elites appreciate Nikki Haley’s warmonger and globalist style, but the vast majority of the base can’t stand her. That doesn’t exactly make for a “winning recipe,” now does it?

The New York Times:

“It’s invigorating to be truly excited by a candidate again,” said Jonathan Bush, the chief executive of a health-data startup and a cousin of former President George W. Bush. He hosted a virtual fund-raiser for Ms. Haley in early November.

These days, having the “Bush” family name is akin to political suicide. While they may still hold some influence with a few old-school political dinosaurs they’re public enemy number one among the America First base.

Business Insider goes on:

Bush, a relative of former President George W. Bush, held an online fundraiser for Haley earlier this month. The healthcare technology executive had previously backed former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson’s Libertarian presidential bid in 2016 and Biden’s 2020 candidacy.

But he was taken by Haley’s command of issues and what he told The Times was “an electric energy” surrounding her candidacy.

It’s actually laughable that these Trump haters believe Nikki Haley, a woman who embodies out-dated establishment politics, has any chance of beating the most popular modern-day political figure of our time, let alone “electric energy.” The Business Insider piece concludes:

Eric Levine, a GOP donor who previously backed Sen. Tim Scott’s onetime presidential campaign, will now cohost a fundraiser for Haley next month and told The Times that many people now believe that Trump’s nomination “can be stopped.”

Haley has impressed an array of business leaders — including JPMorgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon — with her policy knowledge, according to The Times.

Being impressed with Nikki Haley’s “policy knowledge” is a flashing red indicator there’s something wrong with one’s political instincts.

The reality of the situation is that GOP donors are wasting their money because they just aren’t that smart when it comes to politics, despite their success in other endeavors. Thus, they are constantly willing to engage in wishful thinking and fantasies that lead them to throw millions of dollars at politicians who they fall in love with, those who give them a tingle up their leg, so to speak. Ron DeSantis is highly unlikely to be the nominee, and no matter how much GOP donors may wish it, neither will Nikki Haley.