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Mike Johnson finds himself at a pivotal moment in his brand new speakership. He made a daring decision by releasing all the January 6th footage, a step his predecessor Kevin McCarthy failed to take. This was a necessary action, but it’s just the start—there’s much more to be done. Steve Bannon clearly understands what the next step should be. In light of the unsettling new footage, like this revealing 10-second clip from inside the Capitol, Steve is urging Mike to initiate a new January 6th investigation.

Bannon is calling on Mike Johnson to form a new January 6 committee, saying, “We’re going to get to the bottom of the Fedsurrection.”

We now know that the government and media misled us about the George Floyd case. It was neither a murder nor a hate crime, contrary to the narrative that was initially shoved down our gullets. The American people deserve the complete truth about what really happened on January 6th, unclouded by governmental bias and anti-Trump sentiments. This transparency is a crucial step that Mike Johnson and the GOP need to take if they wish to regain even the tiniest level of trust from the American people.