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Speaker Mike Johnson has accomplished what Kevin McCarthy chose not to. He has made the January 6th tapes public, offering us a clearer insight into the events that took place inside the United States Capitol on that fateful day. This newly released footage challenges many narratives, notably the circumstances surrounding the five suicides, which many attribute to government harassment and lies.

The video clip causing the recent uproar is a 10-second snippet offering a glimpse into the actual events within those so-called ‘hallowed halls’. What it reveals is strikingly mundane—akin to the most orderly tourist group, complete with police officers welcoming and calmly guiding the people.


Here’s what Brandon said in his viral post:

Matthew Perna hung himself because the government refused to acknowledge that some people walked inside the Capitol and wandered around.

The government wanted everybody to believe that every person who went inside Capitol did so to do harm.

At least 5 human beings have killed themselves because of the DOJ’s and the left wing media’s lies about J6.

The scene inside the Capitol starkly contrasts with the story pushed by the media, the regime, the January 6th sham committee, and some within the GOP establishment, who have portrayed this as a “domestic terror” attack, comparing it to 9/11 and labeling it an attempt to overthrow the government. Brandon Straka, the founder of Walk Away, shared the video and also highlighted the tragic aspects of the five suicides. He suggested that these individuals might still be alive today if it weren’t for the lies, propaganda, and political targeting unleashed by the media and the regime.

Many January 6 political prisoners feel unheard and isolated because the government and its FBI stooges have consistently denied the reality experienced by most people at the Capitol. Except for a few unruly individuals—who could have been planted informants—many law-abiding, patriotic Americans thought they were on a guided tour, and you can see why, thanks to this clip. Yet now, these individuals are being treated as if they were ISIS terrorists. This harsh and unjust label has had devastating effects, leading some Americans to tragically end their lives. Those deaths could be a direct result of the US government’s lies and actions against its own citizens. What they did is not just shameful; it should also be considered criminal.

After watching this video clip, the consensus out there is that the entire J6 Committee should be put behind bars and placed in solitary confinement.