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If you read the headlines about Bill Gates, you might be led to believe he’s a modern-day Santa Claus, dedicated to helping humanity and generously distributing his fortune for the greater good.

It might seem like a brilliant marketing strategy, but is there more to Bill Gates’ story than meets the eye? Absolutely, according to RFK Jr., who’s exposing what he calls Bill’s scheme to “monetize philanthropy.” He argues that Gates has ingeniously found a way to monetize his charitable efforts. So, while Bill claims to be donating his fortune for humanity’s sake, RFK Jr. suggests he’s actually profiting substantially from it.

Popular X account “Chief Nerd” shared the video online with this caption:

Robert F Kennedy Jr on How Bill Gates ‘Monetizes Philanthropy’

“He gets tax deductions for giving money to the WHO, he gains control of the WHO…The WHO finances the health ministries in virtually every country in Africa. He can say as a condition of getting that money, you have to show that you vaccinated a certain percentage of your population as the milestone. And the vaccines that they’re buying are owned by companies that Gates owns…The punchline on almost all of his philanthropic projects is that he ends up making money.”


Wow, so that’s his strategy? Great job shedding light on Bill Gates’ methods.

Furthermore, according to the Clinton Foundation whistleblowers, Bill Gates’ foundation is the second-largest donor to the Clinton Foundation. That says it all, right?

Based on RFK Jr.’s observations, it appears that the rules governing philanthropy in the United States are in serious need of an overhaul.