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One thing even Democrats acknowledge about the Republican base (and even independents) is that immigration is a top issue. For the record, we advocate for less, not more, including the construction of a gigantic border wall and rounding up and sending back the current illegals who have wormed their way in. Any politician who fails to grasp this by now shouldn’t be associated with the new Republican Party.” Instead, they represent a relic of a bygone era, one that was thankfully phased out by the America First movement. Of course, establishment hacks like Nikki Haley continue to cling to the “good old days,” when globalist clowns like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney were in charge and the American working class suffered due to the failed globalist agenda.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Nikki Haley was recently caught on camera proving why she is the worst candidate for the White House job—or any job for that matter. Haley looked and sounded like the most out-of-touch politician on planet Earth while speaking to a crowd in New Hampshire. She echoed the moldy, outdated globalist mantra, claiming that America needs to increase immigration to fill jobs Americans won’t take. This pathetic incident underscores once again that Nikki Haley represents the interests of donors, not We, the people.

Honestly, this kind of ancient rhetoric is straight out of the late 90s and early 2000s. What Nikki is peddling is the old GOP notion of “short-term labor,” designed to benefit her corporate buddies and donors at the expense of the American working class. She’s happily surrendering our immigration policy to mega-corporation CEOs. This approach sets the stage for a workforce of legal slave labor, where workers are paid a fraction of what American workers earn, with no benefits or opportunities.

No thanks, Nikki. Go home.

UPDATE: It turns out Nikki is producing bullsh*t so quickly that we can’t even keep up with her. Now, Nikki Haley is launching an attack on anonymous political speech.

To make matters worse, this is apparently one of her new talking points that she is going around spouting all over the country.

Obviously, something like this would never fly in a country that has the First Amendment, and the Supreme Court has ruled time and time again that anonymous speech is American as apple pie. Perhaps “Nimrata” is still stuck in her old-world ways. If that’s the case, then she needs to wake up and realize that this is America, where we have freedom. The last thing we need is a bagwoman for the GOPe leading the Republican Party and barging around the country like a tinpot third-world dictator spouting nonsense.