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We’ve stumbled upon the road trip from hell, which, unsurprisingly, features an electric car odyssey gone terribly awry thanks to the ordeal of finding a charging station. It’s a recurring tale among travelers who’ve been sold on the “green hype” and think that electric cars are the here-and-now craze. Unfortunately, these folks often face a really stark reality check. And this leads us to a particularly grueling tale that caught our eye: a traveler’s journey from LA to San Francisco stretched into an unbelievable 56 hours, with a full 14 hours devoted solely to charging their electric car. Typically, this is a six-hour drive that most traditional vehicles can comfortably make on a single tank of gas.

Wall Street Apes:

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LA to San Francisco road trip was 14 HOURS OF CHARGING

“I took a road trip in their electric car from Los Angeles back to the Bay Area — The whole trip was 56, 55 or 56 hours, 14 of which were charging. How many problems did you run into? Almost every other charger. He tells us either the chargers were out of order, like this one near Bradenton, or his app to pay for the kilowatts could not connect.

Some places we didn’t get a signal. If you don’t get a signal, you can’t activate your account to start the charger at a signal with your phone, you’ve got to take out your wallet and use a credit card, but we’re told that comes with a $50 hold every time you do it. Pay with credit card. We wanted to know more about our charging station infrastructure, so we reached out to Hear Technologies and SBD Auto about data they collected. Florida ranked 14th in EV readiness, but near the bottom in the number of vehicles per station with just under 21 cars for every roadside charger.

Earlier this year, one out of five EV drivers nationally experienced failure at public charging stations and it was a bit higher here in Florida. Connecting to vehicle. This may take a minute. You can already see how long we’ve been here gas tank would have been full by now. Pankuch is not ready to go back to gas, but he came to aid on your side, hoping to let others prepare if they decide to go electric. Now we can plug it back in. I came because we have been, we’re being forced in a sense to drive electric vehicles, and if that’s the case then we’re going to have to get our infrastructure together. The problem is the ones that we have right now don’t work. We need to focus on the ones that work right, that we have right now before building any new ones, because we can’t expand anything.”


This militant “green push” by the administration is a prime example of being “not ready for prime time.” We lack the infrastructure for electric cars, and there’s no clear plan for rolling it out. Yet we’re having this agenda forced upon us with relentless force. Why? To establish a globalist green regime that will exert even more power and control over our daily lives, all while lining the pockets of the global elite—leaving us regular folks to bear the brunt of these haphazard changes.