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Letitia James secured her election by pledging to target President Trump, with the promise of “destroying” him. She didn’t vow to destroy crime or keep families safe from the bad guys and thugs plaguing New York City streets. Instead, she vowed to take down the regime’s biggest political enemy. This should give you a clear picture of the Democrat Party, the current state of our nation, and the escalating crime rates. Currently, she’s attempting to fulfill her campaign promise through a politically charged witch hunt. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that dismantling someone accused of exaggerated crimes is no easy task.

In the meantime, numerous individuals are raising significant questions about Ms. James’s finances, pondering how she allegedly acquired a net worth of 15 million dollars on a civil servant’s salary of just over $100k per year.

A user on the platform X known as “Travis in Flint” made this powerful post about Letitia’s alleged financial situation:

Meet Letitia James, current AG of New York whose primary focus is getting Donald Trump. She claims Donald Trump uses his status to overvalue his properties and secure better loan terms.

In 2010 her alleged net worth was $100,000. From 2013-2018 she served as the New York City public advocate whose job was to protect citizens and advocate for them. While doing that job, somehow her net worth allegedly went from $100,000 all the way up to $5 million.

Since becoming AG her net worth is now estimated to be around $15 million. How does she do it? Well, that’s the most ironic part of all of this. She owns a ton of property and many have even complained that she was able to get them way under fair market value. She says this was because she has such a keen eye and deep understanding of real estate.

In what world does the media ignore an elected official who owns a ton of property that she got at amazing deals investigating the leading Presidential candidate?

It’s obvious now why she was chosen for this job!

Speculation is all over the place regarding how Letitia James possibly came into such a substantial windfall. If this is al true, she’s a millionaire 15 times over. Here’s the prevailing belief about what transpired:

Letitia James: Net Worth: $15 Million Annual income: $4 million

Other income: $3.9 Million

Stock portfolio: $2.6 million

Salary: $103,375 per year

What does it say about our media when they exhibit zero interest in an elected official who seems to be targeting political adversaries for a corrupt regime and who is allegedly amassing a fortune from a string of “real estate” transactions—the very activity for which she’s attacking Trump?

It tells us that a media that is disinterested in pursuing any narrative outside the one approved by the regime is a media that can never be trusted. And regrettably, when the press lacks the curiosity to investigate all angles, the result is predictable: the bad actors run wild.