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If there’s one RINO bum whom the America First base would love to see removed, it’s Ronna McDaniel. When this woman isn’t spending thousands on plastic surgery and fancy new clothes, she’s busy advancing the interests of the GOP establishment. Thanks to Ronna, we’re stuck with RINO candidates who have zero interest in promoting the America First agenda, and that’s precisely how she wants to keep it. Unfortunately, President Trump hasn’t fully thrown his weight behind removing Ronna, and that’s understandable to a certain extent. After all, she’s firmly entrenched in the RNC, and ousting her would be a messy process. Right now, Trump needs to ensure he doesn’t alienate big donors. However, the tide might be turning, and Ronna’s days could be numbered, thanks to recent information that just surfaced regarding the RNC’s fundraising numbers.

Popular America First influencer Scott Presler shared the bad news on X, and it could very well be the “smoking gun” needed to finally begin the removal process of RINO Ronna. Here’s what Scott had to say:

The RNC Has Big Problems

It only has $9.1 million in cash on hand — the lowest amount since February 2015.

The small-dollar program isn’t performing well & some major donors aren’t cutting large checks because of party leadership.

Furthermore, the debates have flubbed & one of them was even scheduled on the same night as the Country Music Association Awards.

The frustration reached a boiling point after November 2023 losses, especially when it was revealed that VA GOP Chairman Rich Anderson asked the RNC for funding — he was denied $.

2/3rds of the 168 members (the committee that makes up the RNC) are up for re-election in Spring 2024.

Many of those running voted for the current party leadership. They need to answer for the abysmal fundraising, years of losses, & their votes.

Something has to change.

The million-dollar question that we should be asking Ronna is, Why are there debates in the first place? Why is the RNC investing all this money, resources, and time into pointless debates that are doing nothing more than collecting dismal ratings? It’s clear to anybody with a working brain that neither Ron DeSantis nor Nikki Haley stand a chance of beating President Trump. The numbers don’t lie.

So, one has to wonder: is Ronna continuing this expensive and frivolous charade to deplete the coffers, leaving President Trump with fewer resources for the general election? Any way you slice it, it’s painfully obvious that this woman is ill-suited for the position she holds. She does not represent the majority, and much like other establishment RINOs such as Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell, her objective is to thwart MAGA at all costs rather than promote it.

And now, as the money dwindles, it’s time for her to go.