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The folks at Border Hawk News may have stumbled upon something deeply concerning. While they were embedded with a massive group making their way through Piedras Negras, Mexico, toward the Rio Grande, a Border Hawk reporter named Efraín González claims he uncovered something ominous. According to Efraín, migrants are receiving GPS coordinates that assist them in organizing and crossing the US border in significant numbers. The origins of this arrangement remain unclear. However, many migrants are suggesting that Mexican authorities might be involved.

Here’s what Border Hawk posted on X, along with a powerful video:

Hundreds of illegal aliens are slamming the U.S. southern border every day in mob crossings that are clearly pre-planned and organized by ‘mysterious hands.’

While embedded with a massive group making their way at night through Piedras Negras, Mexico, to the Rio Grande, Border Hawk correspondent Efraín González learned that migrants are provided with GPS coordinates which enable them to gather at specific locations and cross en masse.

It is unclear exactly who is behind the scheme, but some of the migrants indicated Mexican authorities may be involved.

“We accompanied this caravan that walked for an hour in the darkest to reach the crossing point. The migrant said they were angry Mexican authorities sent them to cross into this dangerous area of the river at night,” González explained.

“Most of these people do not know how to get to the river. However, through GPS they obtain the exact location where forklift tractors raised the razor wire in October.”

GPS-guided mass crossings into Eagle Pass have become much more frequent in November as the Biden border rush rages on.


Sadly, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. It’s obvious that what’s unfolding at the US border is not only intentional but also meticulously organized. What’s truly astonishing is the lack of curiosity within our government about who is orchestrating this and the reasons behind it.

That’s why investigators, like the fine folks at Border Hawk News, are so important. If you’re interested in donating to Border Hawk to help fund the amazing work they do, you can do so by clicking here.