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This is epic. Is Kid Rock there also?


Here’s a more high-definition picture.

Tucker was clearly basking in the surreality of the moment.

Coincidentally, or maybe not coincidentally, the idea of Tucker Carlson as Trump’s vice president has been making the rounds on the internet lately.

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The topic came up during an interview with Trump on the Clay & Buck Show.

Charlie Kirk fleshed out the idea in a post on X:

Donald Trump says he’s open to Tucker Carlson as a 2024 running mate. At first, it sounds a little loopy. But upon further thought…

Besides Trump himself, nobody enjoys the base’s trust the way Tucker Carlson does. Nobody else intuitively understands their values, their priorities, or their worries the way they do.

No other VP contender is as battle-tested as Tucker. Like Trump, he thrives under attack and under pressure. He’s been targeted and smeared endlessly for seven years, but he’s never cracked, never had a breakdown. He’s only become more popular. Despite years of digging, his personal life is spotless.

Tucker is the only Republican who can even begin to imitate Trump’s rhetorical style. They’re the only two men who can keep an audience transfixed speaking for an hour without a single note.

The Democrat plan is to keep Donald Trump stuck in court or even in jail so he can’t campaign. Is anybody a more viable Trump campaign surrogate than Tucker Carlson?

And as we know, the vice president is just a heartbeat away from the presidency. If something were to happen to President Trump, God forbid, is there anyone we’d trust more than Tucker Carlson to carry the conservative mantle into the future?

This isn’t some flight of fancy. Trump/Tucker is a great idea.

Stranger things have happened.