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The prime example of a spoiled and morally degenerate criminal class is when they genuinely believe they have the right to steal and become furious when victims fight back. Unfortunately, this is where we’re at right now in Biden’s America, with those who should be held accountable now running the show. One shameful family wholeheartedly embraces this twisted mindset, and they have voiced their outrage over a Dollar General clerk being armed and using lethal force against their brother during a robbery.

According to these degenerates, the criminal is actually the victim.

This distorted mindset is a direct consequence of failed progressive policies that coddle criminals and demonize those fighting for law and order. The left has spent years transforming thugs into so-called “civil rights” icons while convincing downtrodden minorities that their cruddy circumstances are not their fault and they can take whatever they want because white people are evil and privileged. These lies, promoted by the left and our propaganda media, have turned a large portion of the American public into self-righteous criminals.