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Elon Musk recently called out the insufferable “woke” corporations who are colluding with Media Matters to undermine X by slashing advertising revenue. Elon, in no uncertain terms, criticized corporations like Disney, telling them to “go f*** themselves.”

And now, following Elon’s impassioned battle cry, the backlash against Disney is gaining momentum. Here’s what Trending Politics co-founder Collin Rugg had to say about Elon’s bold declaration and the subsequent boycott that’s unfolding.


NEW: X users are cancelling their Disney+ subscriptions after Elon Musk told Disney CEO Bob Iger to “go f**k yourself” for blackmailing X.

Good. Stop giving money to people who hate you and hate free speech.

X users are fighting back and rallying behind Elon after he blasted advertisers for trying to blackmail him with money.

“Cancelled Disney and Paramount Plus” –

“Cancelled Disney and signed up for X premium to help pay for free speech” –

“Just cancelled Disney plus subscription” –

And many more… 🔥

It seems as if Disney might be heading into “Bud Light” territory.

Indeed, Collin is onto something. It’s beginning to seem like a mass exodus is underway as individuals proudly share their decisions to cancel their Disney Plus subscriptions. The “Boycott Disney” posts are going viral.

Some examples:


Some more:

This is the last thing Disney needs at this moment, following a series of box office bombs, declining park attendance, and the downfall of their cable network. They need this boycott like a hole in the head, but once again, being “woke” trumps everything, even success. This movement feels like a cult.

You can view the complete New York Times interview with Elon Musk here: