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It’s official: Elon Musk has mercifully ended Nikki Haley’s pretend presidential run, right in the nick of time.

Nikki Haley has been fumbling so much lately that it’s hard to keep track of all her gaffes. She’s been flip-flopping like a true establishment hack, repeatedly showing how out of sync she is with the American people. If you shut your eyes and listen to Nikki, you might think we’re back in 2003. Her political stance harks back to the heyday of globalism, with its push for “cheap labor” and mass control through things like the Patriot Act, all in the name of “national security” and the usual rhetoric. Thanks to Nikki, it feels like we’re revisiting those days all over again.

Below are a few of her “greatest hits.”

There’s a flashback video making the rounds online where Nikki Haley praises Hillary Clinton, calling her miserable, failed, and crooked career “inspired.” Honestly, this should have been the nail in Nikki’s political coffin.

But it gets even worse. Nikki thinks Americans paying the government a chunk of our salary for 40 years isn’t enough and should be at least 50 years. Apparently, the American people should never stop working until they’re in the grave. Sounds fun, right?

Nikki is also very good at playing “identity politics,” much like the left. She’s skilled at not only shielding herself but also at defending other establishment hacks, like RNC leader Ronna McDaniel. What we have here is the RINO club, and they all have each other’s backs.

Haley is now pushing for everyone online to use their real names. Imagine the impact on an already insane cancel culture. In this era of regime censorship and unjust punishment, anonymity is often the only shield allowing some semblance of free speech. And Nikki wants to strip that away from you.

Here’s the video that was the final straw for Elon Musk:


Elon Musk and Vivek are spot on, but here’s the real twist: the woman insisting that you use your real name online doesn’t use hers. Nikki Haley’s actual name is Nimrata Randhawa, as this clever X user pointed out.

The shamelessness and hypocrisy of these out-of-touch political elites are jaw-dropping. They’re either completely clueless, lacking any self-awareness, or they simply don’t care about the “peasants” anymore. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Regardless, they all need to go. Politicians like Nikki Haley are relics from a failed bygone era. We’ve moved on without them, and as Elon pointed out, it’s high time they stopped pretending to be relevant.

Revolver has long had Nikki’s number. We, the American people, should never, ever forget that Haley compared Donald Trump to South Carolina church shooter Dylan Roof because Trump dared to oppose open borders.

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