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Critical thinkers have long recognized that the Chauvin trial was an absolute sham. It signified the start of our judicial system’s shift into a politicized circus, more concerned with social activism than true justice. Since then, the situation has only gotten worse at an alarming rate.

Recent court documents reveal that Derek Chauvin didn’t commit murder. It turns out that George Floyd’s death was due to a fentanyl overdose, and there were no injuries to Floyd caused by Officer Chauvin. So, why is Chauvin serving a prison sentence for murder, you might be asking yourself?

The answer is simple: it’s because of the demands of the radical left-wing mob, who are too caught up in hysteria, indoctrination, and ignorance to acknowledge the basic facts of the case. The corrupt authorities exploited the Chauvin case to secure a “victory” for the mob, achieving their goals both politically and socially and locking up an innocent man for murder, all thanks to a viral video that didn’t tell the whole truth.

Chauvin righty calls his trial a “sham” and also claims George Floyd’s death wasn’t due to his actions but rather the delayed arrival of the ambulance at the scene. Trending Politics Collin Rugg shared this powerful post on X:

JUST IN: Derek Chauvin is calling his trial a “sham” while speaking out to the media in his first public comments since the death of George Floyd.

The comments from Chauvin is featured as part of a new documentary, The Fall of Minneapolis.

The documentary suggests the FBI altered Floyd’s autopsy as noted by the film’s producer, Liz Collin.

Collin suggests the FBI was involved with altering the autopsy report to assert that Chauvin killed Floyd by kneeling while the original report did not mention asphyxiation.

During an interview with Collin, Chauvin called the trial a “sham” and blamed the ambulance for taking too long to respond to the call.

Chauvin also referred to the Maximal Restraint Technique (MRT), the technique he was trained to do and claims he used.

“This isn’t the end and this won’t define me. What’s been done is done and I just hope that at the very least on the future people keep an open mind and not let instances like this happen,” he said.

“Just use my case an example as to not jump the gun knee jerk, not fall to this race-bait, to the social media, to the media, and let them get away with what they do if things like this keep happening.”

Frankly, considering the challenges he’s faced and the lies he’s had to confront, Derek Chauvin deserves the millions showered all over the Floyd family. Their relative’s death was the consequence of a drug overdose, perhaps exacerbated by a delayed ambulance response, but it was not murder. We’ve all been lied to, and now our only hope is that truth prevails and this horrific injustice is somehow rectified one day.