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Conservative YouTube star Steven Crowder took a stand against the Deep State by obtaining the Nashville shooter’s manifesto, a document that authorities have kept from the public eye. Now, it’s clear why they wanted it under wraps. The perpetrator, a disturbed, racist, and violent young girl masquerading as a boy, harbored a vehement desire to harm white people.

ABC News 4:

Portions of the manifesto belonging to Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale are circulating social media after months of debate regarding its release.

Steven Crowder, the host of the Louder with Crowder talk show, shared leaked images from the manifesto Monday morning. The pages released by Crowder allegedly reveal the intentions behind Hale’s deadly attack.

Wanna kill all you little c*******,” one page from the manifesto reads. “Bunch of little f****** w/ your white privlages f*** you f******.”

Yet, it seems authorities are more concerned with the leak and the manifesto’s contents getting out than with the actual mass shooting itself, which was aimed at white Christians. The reason for this is because it reveals the reality of how violent, hateful, and dangerous the left’s favored trans movement actually is.

The Post Millenial:

The statement from Chief John Drake reads:

“I am greatly disturbed by today’s unauthorized release of three pages of writings from the Covenant shooter. This police department is extremely serious about the investigation to identify the person responsible.

“This action showed a total disregard for Covenant families, as well as the court system, which has control of the shooter’s journals at the present time due to litigation filed earlier this year. It is now pending in Davidson County Chancery Court and the Tennessee Court of Appeals. We are not at liberty to release the journals until the courts rule. Our police department looks forward to the ultimate resolution of the litigation concerning the journals.”

On March 27, Audrey Hale, a young woman who identified as trans masculine, packed up a slew of firearms and went to the Covenant School in Nashville. She took the lives of three children and three adults before she was shot and killed by officers responding to the scene.

Shortly after the tragedy, it was discovered that police had found her writings both on her person and in her car. Those writings, which came to be known as a manifesto, were not released. A FOIA request was filed, and politicians and well as journalists demanded that the material be made public. As Hale had identified as trans, many progressive politicians as well as media pundits attempted to portray her as a victim of transphobia.

Parents from the Covenant School filed a motion to prevent the release of the materials.

The manifesto that Steven Crowder leaked was officially authenticated by the Nashville police.

It’s 100 percent real.

Once again, the authoritarian censors at YouTube are putting in extra hours to suppress the truth. This isn’t a fight against so-called “disinformation.” It’s a blatant safeguarding of left-wing regime narratives, and one has to wonder how such censorship squares with the principles of a “free country” like the USA, right? Conservative actor James Woods cut through the YouTube censorship noise with a brilliant perspective on the “Crowder/Manifesto” scandal in a recent post on X:

Steven Crowder has done Americans a service. Not just because he has published the Nashville killer’s manifesto of anti-white racist hate, but more importantly has exposed the stranglehold that Google (surprise, surprise) has on the truth. YouTube’s censorship of conservative voices has now rendered it as worthless as FaceBook. Oh, and of course, one does wonder why our own government hides information from us as well, all based on politics naturally.

Crowder delivered on his promise to double down, and he released an interview with a local Nashville reporter. It’s clear this so-called “reporter” was more focused on the motive behind the leak than the actions of those who censored it. Of course, typical mainstream media stooges are more worried about the regime narrative than the actual truth.

Our media is pure garbage.

We also have an update. According to reports, two cops in Nashville will be fired over the manifesto. Rumor has it that they sold it to Crowder. Meanwhile, please remember that whoever leaked the Supreme Court decision is still gainfully employed.

Here’s what Candace Owens had to say about this new report:

BREAKING: I just got word that two officers are due to be fired over the the release of the #NashvilleManifesto pages.
Allegedly, the documents were sold by one of the officers.

Yesterday I said that I wanted to wait to report on the released pages because while it was a major break, I felt the documents were incomplete and did not paint an accurate picture of what transpired given the amount of evidence we know was collected in the aftermath of the horrific shooting.

I am glad I waited. Yesterday evening I was contacted by a source with more concrete information regarding all of details on #AudreyHale ‘s many notebooks and what her true motive was. I will be breaking this on my podcast today.

Credit where it’s due— this only happened because the Crowder team reopened this conversation in a major way by releasing the initial 3 pages of Audrey’s journal.
This was great work which will lead to major answers for parents like myself who live in the #Covenant community and have been infuriated by the lack of information presented to the public.

Stay tuned.

The truly disheartening part of these mass shooting nightmares is the predictable aftermath. The shooter’s manifesto is either incessantly broadcast or buried; the deciding factor always hinges on whether it’s good or bad politically for Democrats. It’s appalling—what’s touted as “truth” is nothing more than spin and propaganda, either flaunted or hidden, all to fuel or conceal left-wing narratives.

Steven Crowder performed a service for the American public by releasing that manifesto that was being actively hidden from us. But will there be repercussions for him? It’s likely, given the pattern we’ve seen—consider the January 6th political prisoners, President Trump, and Douglass Mackey, who are all facing harsh consequences for defying the status quo. They’ve all been threatened with prison time for their challenges to the current regime, and that’s likely what Steven will now be facing. Pray for him; he’ll need it.