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What’s the most fitting word to describe the legal attacks against President Trump? “Clown show” might be the first phrase that comes to mind, but it goes beyond that—our nation and its esteemed institutions are disintegrating right before our very eyes. It’s like watching the decline of Rome in real-time; only this time, almost everyone can recognize the impending demise, yet no one seems willing to stop it. With each passing day, our judicial system transforms into an even grander spectacle, with its actors and performers all harmoniously united in their disdain and vilification of one man: Donald Trump. How can anyone expect to receive fair treatment in a system so marred by bias and animosity directed at one person and one political ideology?

This latest development is truly the icing on this horrific cake and should result in a mistrial in the Trump “civil/fraud” case. A bombshell video has surfaced revealing one of Judge Engoron’s law clerks behaving erratically as a fervent anti-Trump fool.

Here’s what “Judicial Protest” said in a post on X:

BOMBSHELL video evidence of bias and misconduct of Justice Engoron’s Law Clerk, Allison Greenfield, just uncovered. MISTRIAL INCOMING!!!

While attending an October 2022 Democrat Fundraiser, Greenfield can be heard saying Biden is the “best President in the history of the United States.”

Meanwhile, Greenfield was front row, yelling “Yeah!”, shaking her head in agreement and taking video of Democrat politicians as they bash Trump!

@AlinaHabba should DEMAND that Greenfield produce the videos she took!

This was while the #TrumpCivilFraud case was pending.

Even worse, video shows Greenfield campaigning and gathering signatures (“petitioning”) with the Grand Street Democrats on behalf of Letitia James’ 2022 primary campaign for New York State Attorney General!!

She’s sitting at the entrance to the event with a Diet Coke (it’s not working) gathering signatures on a green sheet of paper to get Letitia James on the primary ballot!

Again, this was while the #TrumpCivilFraud case was pending.

Why aren’t @AlinaHabba and Chris Kise shoving this in Hobo Judge Engoron’s face? Are they scared of Hobo Judge Engoron? Allison Greenfield has touched every part of the #TrumpCivilFraudTrial. No clearer case of judicial bias has ever existed.

Hobo Judge Engoron must be removed from the bench! Allison Greenfield should be hauled before the Attorney Grievance Committee and disbarred!

Judicial Protest once again breaks the story that the Lame Stream Media refuses to cover.


What’s even more exasperating than this clip is the blatant bias that’s been evident in this case from the get-go. Yet, where are all the Republican lawmakers, and why aren’t they screaming and yelling for a mistrial?