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When Joe Biden needs a problem handled, an issue quashed, or a voice silenced, it seems he just has to dial the FBI. These days, the federal agency appears to function primarily as the Biden administration’s Gestapo in their new police state. Think about this: Biden’s popularity plummets, so what’s his move? He has the FBI raid Trump’s home. Americans protest against Biden and his phony election, so what’s the response? He turns law enforcement into a tool for silencing dissenters. And now, Biden’s lust for power has become so overbearing that he’s even targeting left-wing critics.

That’s right, Joe Biden has now set the FBI on a Democrat who’s been a thorn in his side, especially over the border chaos. New York Mayor Eric Adams, a vocal critic of Biden’s border policies, finds himself in the FBI’s crosshairs. The Mayor is now knee-deep in an investigation involving illicit foreign funds, and in a bold daytime ambush, the FBI has seized his Mayor Adams’ phone. Wait until you get a load of the “timing” of this operation.

DC Enquirer:

On Friday, The New York Times reported that New York City Mayor Eric Adams had his phones seized by the FBI amid an ongoing investigation into his 2021 mayoral campaign that allegedly worked with the Turkish government and others to funnel money into the Democrat’s campaign. Agents reportedly approached Mayor Adams on the street, asked his security detail to move away, and proceeded to enter a vehicle where they presented him with a warrant, and he was forced to surrender his various electronic devices.

The devices, which include at least two cell phones and an iPad, were eventually returned to the mayor a few days later, likely after the bureau made copies of the devices’ contents. The seizure of his personal devices comes after the bureau raided the residence of Adams’ chief fundraiser, 25-year-old Brianna Suggs. During the raid on November 2nd, agents confiscated two laptops, three iPhones, and a folder labeled “Eric Adams.”

And here’s the very curious timing part:

In response to the raid last week, Adams was forced to cancel his trip to Washington, D.C., where he was supposed to speak with the Biden White House about the ongoing migrant crisis impacting New York City.

How convenient for the Biden administration—now Adams won’t be around to sharply criticize Biden on a key 2024 election issue.

In Biden’s police state, your political stance doesn’t grant immunity. Whether you’re MAGA like President Trump, a January 6 protester, a conservative figure like Douglass Mackey, or even a progressive like Mayor Adams, straying from the regime’s approved narrative will put a target on your back. The law, which the regime manipulates for political reasons, becomes a tool for silencing dissent. Don’t be shocked if you see Adams being arrested in an early morning raid. The Biden regime must set an example, showing that while MAGA dissenters are one thing, progressive dissenters are utterly intolerable.