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The United States military is happily echoing the left’s nasty anti-white narrative. They’re marginalizing white men to elevate transgenders, the LGBTQ community, women, and minorities—until the moment white men are needed once more. Then, right on cue, they produce a fresh ad spotlighting only white men, a stark contrast to their usual rhetoric. This shameless flip-flop unfolds just days after we found out that officials hid the Nashville shooter’s anti-white manifesto from the public. Apparently white folks aren’t worth protecting unless they’re men masquerading as women, like Lieutenant Colonel Bree Fram.


And of course, special standards are in effect for these “white guys.”

And while these “white guys” are the new military heroes and leaders…

… the vast majority of average, heterosexual white men are only good for one thing: target practice on the front lines. Honestly, one has to wonder: How much more abuse will white Americans take?

Jack Posobiec, editor at Human Events, hit the mark when he said this on X:

This is the advertisement Jack was talking about.

It appears that when the military is in need of bolstering their numbers, they look towards white recruits. Yet, it seems that on any other given day, the military’s focus is on transgenders and treating whites and Christians like evil predators. Now, they’re not even pretending to hide it. This twisted agenda is right out in the open for everyone to see.

It’s really quite amazing—they push one image, and then you join, and it’s chock full of trannies, gays, and lesbians. However, when it comes to actively recruiting “cannon fodder,” the military omits diversity.

As World War III looms ominously on the horizon, if the military-industrial complex gets its way, it’s the white guys who’ll be front and center in the crossfire. After all, those new infinity pools won’t pay for themselves, right?