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Do you remember when the testosterone-driven “Top Gun” was the ultimate recruitment tool for the US Navy? It’s easy to see why—the movie was packed with adrenaline, rugged men, beautiful women, and plenty of what’s now termed “toxic masculinity.” Contrast that with today’s military, which has totally shifted focus. Instead of seeking out traditionally masculine men, their recruitment now heavily includes the LGBTQ community and men who wear pantyhose. This change might be why their recruitment numbers are in the toilet.

The United States military’s newest recruitment tactic is taking a really bizarre turn. Gone are the days of scouting for robust young men at gyms or high school football practices. Now, they’re adopting a different strategy: dressing up as anime characters and visiting “conventions” across the nation.

God help us all.

Military Times:

It’s one thing to cosplay a member of the U.S. military on Halloween or at comic-cons. But it’s something else entirely for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps to disguise themselves as fans of anime.

However, this past weekend at Anime NYC in Manhattan — a convention that bills itself as a “showcase of the best of Japanese pop culture in the biggest city in America” — soldiers and Marines did just that.

Why, you might ask?

It turns out that they are partners of the show, which ran Nov. 17-19. Their goal is, of course, recruitment.

While the Army kept their booth low-key, the Marines — in typical fashion — rolled out a “Battle Dome” and challenged passersby to test their mettle on a pullup bar.

While a pop culture convention might seem like the last place you’d find representatives of some of the oldest institutions in America, the events can be prime spots to meet American youth — especially as most of the military services struggle to meet their annual recruiting quotas.

Or consider this idea: What if the military refocused on traditional, masculine defense instead of, say, LARPing in women’s attire or dressing up as Japanese cartoon characters? Making such a change could potentially lead to a much-needed boost in recruitment, wouldn’t ya say?

Unfortunately, our military isn’t focused on recruiting genuine warriors anymore. And to add to the absurdity in all of this, the FBI was also there, seemingly on the lookout for a “few good anime twinks.”

Here’s a closeup of the disturbing photo:


The harsh reality is this: the United States needs real, strong men of character who can fight in real life, not just in a silly video game. If our military doesn’t snap out of this “woke” daze, our future looks really bleak. It’s as if our whole country is morphing into one of the most absurd and outlandish “South Park” episodes ever imagined.