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A viral post on X has rocked the foundations of the entire Trump “fraud” case. We’ve seen numerous “game changers” lately in this sham case, but this latest revelation could potentially be the most significant.

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer appears to have discovered the social media account of the judge’s wife overseeing the Trump fraud case in New York City. If these claims hold true, the posts may shed light on his bias and radical stance against Trump.

Laura shared her findings on X, making a point to tag Trump’s legal team to alert them to what may be going on behind the scenes.

EXCLUSIVE: I have Uncovered screenshots from the X account of Dawn Marie Engoron, the wife of Leftist NYC Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing the civil fraud against President Trump shows that she has been posting attacks on Trump from her account @dm_sminxs as the trial is ongoing.

This is incredible bias. Less than 24 hours ago she posted tweets in which she said “FUCK TRUMP”. She posted photoshopped pics of President Trump in an orange jump suit, she attacked me during my Live show last night for exposing her husband, and she is openly attacking President Trump’s lawyer @AlinaHabba

A judge with a crazy crackpot wife like this has no business overseeing a case like this.

Here are close-ups of the photos Laura Loomer shared. Please note that we cannot confirm that these originate from Mrs. Engoron’s social media.




If the social media posts in question truly belong to Mrs. Engoron, then this entire case should be dismissed outright. It seems our judicial system has devolved into a farce, fueled by the left’s insatiable desire to dismantle anything associated with “Trump.” We must stand against this extreme animosity becoming the force that grinds this country and the values we believe in into the dust.