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In Biden’s America, we get half the story, if we’re lucky. If it doesn’t align with the administration’s narrative, it’s either ignored or skimmed over. Take, for instance, the case of 15 diverse, equitable, and inclusive teenagers who beat a white teen to death, which was reported as “a group of people” attacking “a teenager.” This downplays the hate crime element to fit the media’s narrative about black victims and “evil” white people. And there are numerous other stories like this across the country that you probably won’t hear about.

Here’s one such example: the case of Alexander Bulakhov, an employee at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Alexander was shot and killed by two black people in front of his wife and child.

Memphis has turned into such a cesspool of hate and crime.


More information was released Tuesday afternoon in the deadly shooting of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital employee Alexander Bulakhov during a robbery in downtown Memphis.

According to police, Bulakhov was walking with his wife and 2-year-old child on Tennessee Street on Sunday evening when he was approached by a man wearing a hoodie.

The man pointed a gun and demanded property, and Bulakhov gave the man his wallet, police said. The suspect then turned to Bulakhov’s wife and demanded more property.

That’s when police say Bulakhov wrestled with the man over the gun in an attempt to defend his wife. Bulakhov was shot during the struggle.

Because he was white and his alleged attackers are black, this story has been disregarded by the mainstream media, and trust us, don’t expect to hear any “hate crime” buzz from the fake news media on this one. That doesn’t fit their script, so onto the shelf it goes.

Here’s the bottom line: the media just can’t give you the straight scoop on stories like this. If they honestly reported the truth about the victims and the culprits behind these crimes, it would paint a totally different picture than the narrative they’ve been lying to you about and shamelessly pushing. So, because of this, innocent victims and remarkable citizens like Alex Bulakhov become collateral damage in the left’s quest to reshape the American narrative.