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The United States Air Force has declared “war” against Trump supporters. Echoing tactics reminiscent of Chairman Mao’s era, they have prohibited military personnel from attending a patriot rally organized by Turning Point Action, labeling the group as “pro-Trump” and “alt-right.” This implies that, in the eyes of our government and military, any MAGA-affiliated entity is synonymous with “domestic terrorism.”

Fox News:

The leadership at an Air Force base in North Dakota sent a text message to service members to warn them of the dangers of being near a downtown rally that featured a speaker from a pro-Trump organization.

“Leaders, please exercise caution if downtown this weekend,” reads the text message that was sent to Minot Air Force Base personnel, adding that anyone who was thinking about going downtown should “be careful” and “reach out for any concerns.”

At issue was a planned Nov. 17 event dubbed the “Dakota Patriot Rally” at the state fairgrounds in Minot, and the text warned personnel “to be cautious” if they were in the area, especially because some rally-goers “could be confrontational to military members.” The text, which was shared with the popular “Air Force amen/nco/snco” Facebook page, also noted that the event would feature a guest speaker from Turning Point Action, which the warning noted is an “alt-right” organization.

Turning Point Action, a 501(c)(4) organization founded in 2019, typically promotes conservative values and has a history of support for former President Donald Trump.

Though the group has attracted controversy for questioning the results of the 2020 presidential election and the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, it has become a mainstay in conservative political circles. According to a report from the New York Times, the group’s July 2023 ACTCON conference in Florida drew about 6,000 attendees and included speaking engagements by Trump and about a third of Republican presidential candidates who were declared at the time.

The Dakota Patriot Rally speaker about whom the text warned was Turning Point Action Chief Operating Officer Tyler Bowyer, according to the event website, which noted Bowyer is a “conservative activist” who worked in several political positions before joining Turning Point USA.

Here’s a copy of the text message that was sent to personnel at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota:


When Rep. Jim Banks caught wind of it, red flags and alarm bells went off all over the place. Here’s what Banks said:

“Participation with groups such as Turning Point Action could jeopardize their continued service in the US military.”

The Biden DoD has declared war on its political enemies.

I am demanding answers from the Air Force about this partisan weaponization of our military!!

Everybody knows that Biden fears a military that’s loyal to President Trump. This has driven him to purge patriotic warriors and replace them with crossdressers and LGBTQ soldiers. However, the US military represents “we the people,” encompassing all colors, races, and political ideologies. They are the defenders of the Constitution, safeguarding everyone’s right to assemble and hold their own personal beliefs. It is imperative that Rep. Banks and others hold this rouge regime accountable for any unconstitutional, partisan policies imposed on the military.