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It might seem hard to believe, but the so-called “experts” are lying to you again, and they think you’re so incredibly stupid that you won’t notice. This time the lies are not centered around climate and vaccines; the latest web of lies is forming around inflation. Remember back when prices first started skyrocketing and Team Biden brushed it off and acted like “inflation” was something only rich people worried about?

Daily Mail:

White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain claimed Wednesday evening that the current U.S. economic issues, including inflation and supply chain delays, are just ‘high class problems’.

These out-of-touch elites were hoping they could convince you that inflation was a “high class” problem, as if rich people were bitching about the price of ground beef or something.

No surprises here; the all-too-familiar “bury your head in the sand” response from Team Biden has backfired once more. Inflation has surged, leaving many Americans facing financial hardships. Meanwhile, Biden is using our hard-earned tax dollars to support a small-time dictator, supposedly to fight a war that we all know he can’t win. With inflation now undeniable, experts are working overtime to downplay its impact, once again hoping we won’t notice our grocery bills skyrocketing because some economic nerds say inflation is “low.”


 Over the past year, inflation in the United States has tumbled from 9% all the way to 3%, softening most of the price pressures that have gripped the nation for more than two years.

Do you truly buy into those numbers? If so, you might also be inclined to believe that Joe Biden’s economy is thriving and that everyone is prospering.

The reality is that Americans are deeply frustrated with Biden’s struggling economy, and we’re well aware that the inflation rate is significantly higher than 3 percent. Just step into a grocery store and glance at the prices—that’s precisely what a young man did, and he demonstrated that there’s no 7 percent inflation; and certainly not 3 percent. In truth, it’s closer to a staggering 75 percent inflation rate.

This guy walking around Costco shares examples of food inflation that are WAY higher than the numbers reported for food inflation by the government.

Overall, many people know intuitively that food inflation is way higher than the official number of 4.3% from August 2022 thru August 2023. This video shows some of the examples he is seeing.

Unfortunately, that young man’s numbers seem to be more accurate. Grocery store prices have skyrocketed to the point where countless Americans are unable to put food on the table. Adding to the frustration is a gaggle of wealthy and out-of-touch politicians insisting that our daily struggles are merely a product of our imagination. They seem oblivious to the harsh realities we face and how challenging things have become, and it’s becoming more clear that they simply don’t give a damn.