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There’s an incredible new viral sensation sweeping the internet, and it’s both powerful and thought-provoking, offering a compelling snapshot of Biden’s America in disarray. So, what’s this intriguing online phenomenon?

Norman Rockwell paints modern America.

It’s a disturbing yet profoundly provocative modern AI tribute to Norman Rockwell, reimagining today’s disgraceful USA in Rockwell’s iconic style. Whoever conceived this idea is truly ingenious. These images are striking because they place the everyday propaganda we’re exposed to within the context of normal life, revealing the extent of how far we’ve fallen.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these powerful images.

You will eat the bugs:

The current state of liberal-run cities:

Praying to the Apple gods:

Looters are celebrated for seizing what they believe is rightfully theirs:


Wine moms and aunts:

America’s overly processed lifestyle:

Today’s untrustworthy FBI:

Only black lives matter:

Girls erased:

Look who’s molding our nation’s young minds:

Baby sheep led to the slaughter:

What’s truly remarkable is the fusion of Norman Rockwell’s timeless, all-American aesthetic with the dark and shocking progressive content in these images. This stark contrast evokes a compelling emotional tug-of-war within the observer. The thought-provoking juxtaposition sheds a stark light on the transformation our society has experienced over the past century. It’s revealing, shockingly exposing, and unapologetically raw, illustrating in the simplest and most straightforward terms how we’ve transitioned from wholesome living to pure debauchery in a relatively short span.