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One thing Justin Trudeau did not expect at his little “meet and greet” was to get thoroughly owned by a Canadian man who outsmarted him, outclassed him, and left Trudeau scrambling for an excuse. It all began when the disgraced Canadian PM went to shake the man’s hand, and he refused, bluntly calling Trudeau a “piece of s***.” When Justin asked why the man thought that, he told him it was because he believed Trudeau had ruined the country. Cocky Justin should’ve left it at that and walked away, but he didn’t. He made the mistake of pressing the man for more information, and boy, did he get an unwanted earful. In the end, Justin didn’t know what to say. Here’s how it all unfolded:

Justin Trudeau: “How did I mess up this country?”

Canadian man: “Can anybody afford a home? You are charging people a carbon tax. You have nine vehicles idling here for 30 minutes. Your carbon footprint is increasing. You are sending money over to Ukraine, you sent it over to the guy slaughtering his own country.”

Ouch. Brutally honest, and exactly what Trudeau deserved to hear. So, what was Justin’s response to all this truth and honesty? Oh, the usual “Russian disinformation” response, of course… Good lord.

This was a beautiful thing to witness. Every elite should be treated the same way: refuse to shake their hand and instead dole out a brutal rundown of all the hypocritical and destructive things they’ve done to harm society. These snobs should not be allowed to flaunt their smug faces in public without being confronted with the harsh truth about how the public truly feels about them. Bravo to that Canadian man; every word he spoke resonated with all freedom-loving, hardworking people.