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As many of you are aware, Senator Tommy Tuberville has taken a stand that is both much-needed and appreciated regarding the military’s stance on abortion. Tuberville, who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee, has placed holds on the confirmations of hundreds of military officers nominated for leadership positions. This is in protest of a Pentagon policy that covers the expenses of troops’ out-of-state travel for abortions. Tuberville’s protest has effectively slowed down the Senate Armed Services Committee’s process of swiftly confirming nominations through unanimous votes. Consequently, Senator Schumer has had to send certain promotions to the full Senate floor for voting. The left is furious over this move, while the right is genuinely pleased to see a Republican taking a strong stance and actually fighting back. Bravo, Tommy.

That brings us to the disgraceful General Hayden, whose recent comment is nothing short of repugnant and should bring his embarrassing career to an immediate end. In response to the question of whether Senator Tuberville should be removed from his committee, General Hayden, the former director of the CIA, shockingly suggested that Senator Tuberville should be “removed” from the human race.Image

Here’s what journalist Mollie Hemingway said about Hayden’s reprehensible, violent comment on X:


This is Hayden’s arrogant and indefensible response to the backlash he faced for his violent and inflammatory comment:

Hayden is known for his nasty online chirping. That’s one thing, but calling for the death of a United States senator is quite another, especially in Biden’s violent and unstable America.

The New York Post:

Hayden, a retired Air Force general who also served as director of the National Security Agency between 1999 and 2006, overseeing the agency’s domestic mass surveillance program, has taken shots at Tuberville in the past over his hold on military promotions.

“Tommy Tuberville is an idiot!“ Hayden tweeted in May 2022, in response to a video of the Alabama senator grilling Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines on the US’s involvement in Ukraine’s efforts to rebuff Russia’s invasion.

“Tuberville absolutely is a racist,” Hayden said in another tweet last month, in response to a user asking if it is “wrong to call Sen. Tommy Tuberville a racist?”

Hayden was also among dozens of retired military and State Department officials to sign an open letter in August blasting Tuberville’s “reckless” protest.

“Risking our military’s planning and preparedness, and our national security to make a political point is far out of bounds,” the letter states. “The world is too dangerous to cede our leadership, which is why we urge Senator Tuberville swiftly end his blockade and to respect our nation’s service members and their families.”

Hayden was also one of the 51 former intelligence officials who attempted to discredit The Post’s 2022 report on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop by falsely claiming in an open letter that the first son’s emails were Russian disinformation

This disturbing incident involving Hayden serves as additional proof that the self-proclaimed “experts” running our intelligence apparatus are lunatics with questionable judgment and emotional instability. These are not the kind of cool-headed, unbiased leaders we should entrust with positions of authority and leadership in the CIA or any other intelligence department, or the military, for that matter. In a serious country, this dangerous and vile man would be stripped of his rank, medals, and pension. Sadly, we’re not a serious country, so he will face no ramifications for his actions. However, if Hayden were a right-wing Trump supporter, this would be an entirely different story.