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We were fortunate to experience four glorious years of peace and prosperity under President Trump’s leadership. Since his removal due to a very questionable pandemic and a wave of unverified mail-in ballots, the world has descended into mass chaos. We find ourselves back in the “status quo,” where establishment-driven globalists hold the reins and enrich themselves and their friends while the rest of us suffer. However, we had a taste of the good life, and the majority of us yearned for more. Unfortunately, our government, which is deeply corrupted and rotten to its very core, couldn’t allow that, especially from outsiders. As a result, the United States is now facing skyrocketing crime rates, a cruddy economy, a planned invasion at the border, domestic policies that resemble North Korean-style communism, and wars and possible World War III erupting worldwide. None of this would’ve happened under Trump.

What we’re witnessing now is “establishment” politics at its very worst.

Trump loyalist Stephen Miller recently went mega-viral for explaining why world peace only happened during President Trump’s tenure. In these times, particularly in the wake of horrific terrorist attacks in Israel, both the nation and the world can benefit from Stephen’s perspective. Here’s what Miller said in his powerful X post:

Our world was at peace under President Trump.

His clear-eyed realism, raw projection of national strength, and his rejection of ideology in favor of pragmatism and national interest, brought us an unprecedented era of global harmony.

Whereas the DC set prattles on endlessly about the rules-based international order — the bloodless and esoteric obsession of the grad school credential class divorced from the iron laws of history — Trump understood the forces that shape world events: relationships, resources, rivalries, and the rational pursuit of self-interest and self-determination.

He understood you cannot impose an ideology over the essential nature of nation and man.

Instead of wasting away America’s diplomatic and financial assets trying to forcibly impose our values across the planet — which consistently yields the opposite effect — he focused on the formation of mutually-beneficial partnerships to foster global stability.

And he used our economic leverage as deterrence rather than fritter it away on nation building: knowing that a country which seeks to protect its own economic interests will always command more respect and find more common ground in its dealings with foreign powers.

Biden trashed it all. Set it all ablaze. His Administration’s toxic blend of idiocy, imbecility, incompetence and ideological extremism has turned calm into calamity. Peace into pandemonium. Harmony into hell.

The message sent and received by our our humiliation in Afghanistan, our cash bonfire in Ukraine, our internal repression as we preach “democracy,” our cultural self-flagellation, self-abasement and the self-annihilation of our own border, is that we are not a country to be taken seriously only taken advantage of. Over and over.

Under Biden, we are not a sovereign nation but a checkbook. A printing press. A mark. A punching bag. A sunken power. A spent power. A hollowed power. A rapidly declining power.

And as the torch of American liberty goes dark the world is lit instead by the fire of destruction.

It’s true—war, crime, internal division, and an unjust government have been a longstanding part of this country’s history. However, the challenge now for the uni-party regime is that we, the people, have experienced life on the other side, and we are more determined than ever not to return to the old ways.