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Did Joe Biden genuinely believe he could force all of America into becoming granola-eating electric-car users, despite an absolute lack of any infrastructure whatsoever, skyrocketing costs, and without comprehending how rural America functions? Yes. It seems he did, and as is often the case with all things Joe “thinks” about, the outcome was a complete debacle. Now, we’re watching the car industry come to a realization many of us had months ago: Americans aren’t keen on electric vehicles. Companies such as Ford, Honda, and GM are now re-evaluating their visions of an “electric car utopia” that once envisioned phasing out gasoline-powered vehicles entirely.

Wall Street Journal:

General Motors is abandoning a self-imposed target to build 400,000 electric vehicles by mid-2024, the latest sign that automakers are concerned about the viability of the market for battery-powered cars.

The Detroit automaker walked back the goal while reporting a healthy third-quarter profit, despite the hit from the continuing United Auto Workers strike. The walkout, which began in mid-September, is now costing GM about $200 million a week in profit.

On Tuesday, the UAW further expanded the walkouts at GM, targeting a 5,000-worker factory in Texas that makes sport-utility vehicles and is among its most profitable assembly plants.

The move on EVs is a surprise one for a company that has bet its future on the technology, anticipating that it will eventually phase out sales of gasoline-powered vehicles next decade. It comes as rivals, including Tesla and Ford Motor, have also raised red flags about consumer demand for EVs and buyers’ willingness to pay a premium for them over traditional models.

Americans aren’t excited to spend hours a day charging their cars, only to drive for a bit and then recharge. The United States wasn’t built like Europe; traveling long distances from point A to B is often the norm. Imagine being stuck in infamous U.S. traffic, watching your battery dwindle without a charging station nearby. The majority resoundingly say, “No thanks” to that cruddy scenario.

Business Insider:

Even as electric vehicles dominate headlines and hot new models hit the market, most Americans aren’t interested in giving up gasoline. In a recent poll conducted by Yahoo Finance and Ipsos, 57% of respondents said they were not likely to choose an EV when they buy their next car.

The ultimate blow to the regime’s electric car debacle has to be this recent report that unveils the “true cost” of operating an electric vehicle. Brace yourself for this:

When you factor everything in, powering an electric car is akin to paying $17.33 per gallon at the pump.

That stings.

Here’s a closeup of the image:

Currently, the electric vehicle industry is a bridge to nowhere. The primary reason EVs haven’t found widespread success is their lack of appeal to the general population. While liberal elites might love them, they aren’t financially viable or practical for those in rural areas or for lower-income families. Additionally, most folks with common sense realize that to power these charging stations, you need coal. In its current form, this is an unsustainable business model. Back to the drawing board, fellas…