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We’re beginning to really uncover the past dirty deeds of our corrupt government, and the revelations are truly alarming. Let’s rewind to 2001, when the United States was attacked by Osama bin Laden. Now, we know our government lied to us about “weapons of mass destruction,” but it seems they had an even grander and more deadly scheme in mind, which prominently featured Iran—a nation, alongside Russia, they’ve been itching to attack. Interestingly, the echoes of the past resonate a tad too closely with our present in 2023, as talk of a potential war with Russia and Iran resurfaces once again. Round and round our war machine goes, right?

This recent deep dive into 2001, spotlighted by Joe Rogan, reveals chilling revelations from General Wesley Clark. Clark claims that the U.S. had ambitions to topple seven countries in just five years. Rogan also examines the potent wartime propaganda used to convince citizens that airstrikes and warfare are the only viable solutions.

Here’s what popular X user KanekoaTheGreat said in his post:

.@JoeRogan and @ComicDaveSmith highlight the startling claims made by General Wesley Clark, who asserted that the U.S. government had formulated plans to attack seven Middle Eastern countries, ultimately culminating with Iran, days after the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

The conversation delves into the propaganda used to justify these wars, the staggering profits amassed by weapons manufacturers—amounting to trillions of dollars—and the tragic toll of millions of innocent lives lost.

“They decide they want to fight these wars. Then, they make up an excuse that they tell the American people. Then, these weapons companies rake in hundreds of billions of dollars in profits, and babies get slaughtered. That’s what really happens. Innocent men, women, and children die.”

Today, Secretary of State Blinken warned Iran that the U.S. will respond ‘decisively’ to any attacks targeting U.S. personnel.

This statement follows his warning, issued two days ago, that the U.S. expects increased hostilities from Iran directed at U.S. forces.

The question remains: Will the Biden administration and the U.S. government finally get its war against Iran?

It’s important to recognize that citizens of the United States and people around the world are currently being pounded with wartime propaganda that’s coming from places like Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and Palestine, but predominantly from the United States. As you navigate this intricate minefield of emotions, it’s important to remember that these are narratives carefully crafted by the regime for reasons that support war—their biggest money-maker.