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The world has gone stark-raving mad, courtesy of the so-called “loving left,” who are some of the angriest, most vindictive people out there. They justify an international tirade of hostility under the guise of “protecting” minorities, though it’s clear they’re not. These are just deeply unhappy losers with a “God complex” who are totally opposed to the notion of people simply getting along and enjoying life.

This brings us to our latest saga, featuring a radical Puerto Rican bully who pitted himself against a charming blonde lady from Australia who just wanted to open a sushi restaurant in New York City. Little did she know, all hell would break loose for simply following her dreams—because according to the Puerto Rican radical bully, only Asian people are allowed to open sushi restaurants. Who knew? Is this the type of guy who wants to see Asian sweatshops filled with hundreds of children who are feverishly pumping out his Dragon Rolls?

The outrage started when a video highlighting her new restaurant, “Sushi Counter,” went viral after it was shared by the Puerto Rican bully, who’s also a chef named Eric Rivera. Here’s what he said in his viral tweet: “but it’s ‘stralian sushi. give me a break colonizer.” So, it’s now “colonizing” for white people to make Asian food. Wow. The folks at Panda Express are in big trouble.

And Eric didn’t stop there; the snark kept coming:

Australian Woman Causes Outrage For Opening A Sushi Restaurant Because She Wasn't Asian | Evie Magazine

Fortunately, the frothing-at-the-mouth left-wing mob that did their best to ruin this woman’s business was countered by righteous right-wing Twitter users who quickly came to her rescue and saved the day.

An X user who goes by the handle “Dumb Bitch Capital, LLC” shared the good news:

I’m thrilled to announce that Sushi Sheila’s NYC restaurant Sushi Counter is now averaging 4.5 stars on Google reviews thanks to you absolute based legends. For those of you who have a job or a life, yesterday pathetic woke failed chef and huge loser @ericriveracooks bullied her into deleting ALL her TikTok posts, and caused a massive woke mob to give Sushi Counter tons of 1 star reviews

As an American, this type of behavior absolutely DISGUSTS me. Sushi Sheila is an entrepreneur, she is the absolute embodiment of the American dream. Eric is a parasite that couldn’t stand to see this girl smile

Many keyboard warriors called Sushi Sheila a “colonizer” and accused her of “cultural appropriation”. I’d like to ask them – do you ever eat or cook food that doesn’t perfectly align with your race? If not, shut the F*CK up

The best part of this story is that Eric Rivera is a hypocrite himself. He’s an immigrant from Puerto Rico who was planning to open a Puerto Rico Japanese fusion restaurant in guess where? NORTH CAROLINA

Again, this isn’t about liberals attempting to “stand up” for mistreated minorities. This is about narcissistic progressives who operate under a delusion of moral superiority. The hypocrisy of individuals like Eric Rivera is irrelevant because narcissists like him have zero shame.

You can read the rest of this amazing thread below: