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You will raise an eyebrow or two at the video we’re about to present. It’s not footage from a Hamas gathering, but rather a rally right in Dearborn, Michigan. During the pro-Palestinian event, attendees were waving Palestinian flags high inside the spacious Ford Community & Performing Arts Center. The rallygoers seemed to have found their new favorite team: Hamas. “You think we’re going to zip our lips and tiptoe around when folks label Hamas as a terrorist gang? Think again. They aren’t the bad guys,” declared one speaker. His comments were met with roaring cheers from the crowd. But he didn’t stop there. “You want a real terrorist? Point your finger at Benjamin Netanyahu and his posse,” he proclaimed. The applause just kept coming. “And it’s not just Netanyahu; it’s every puppet dancing on his strings, backing his agenda in Palestine,” he added, fueling even more cheers.

This was the scene in Dearborn, Michigan, right after the pro-Palestinian speaker defended Hamas.


It’s unsettling watching that crowd, particularly when you realize they’re in Michigan. Considering recent horrors—the killing of innocents and families torn to shreds by blood-thirsty terrorists who make ISIS seem tame—it’s a tough pill to swallow. Dearborn, Michigan, for those who haven’t visited, doesn’t look, smell, or feel like America. This video is from six years ago. It’s even farther gone these days. Watch this and see if it looks remotely like America.

Setting foot in Dearborn feels like stepping into Iraq, Lebanon, or the Gaza Strip. This highlights a concerning trend: foreigners arrive here and refuse to assimilate into our culture, and they transform parts of our country into reflections of the hell holes they left behind. Furthermore, those cheering for Hamas inside the Ford auditorium don’t embody the American spirit, and make no mistake about it, they would cheer just as fervently if our homeland faced attacks.