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As the conflict in Israel continues to escalate, establishment politicians and unelected bureaucrats are starting to beat the drums of war. After all, the situation in Ukraine didn’t unfold as they’d hoped, so perhaps this latest conflict will result in an unending global war. That’s exactly what people like Tucker Carlson are trying to prevent—another endless war that costs Americans their lives, their hopes, and their livelihoods.

Here’s what Tucker said in his scathing takedown of warmongers like Nikki Haley, Dan Crenshaw, and Lindsey Graham.

Collin Rugg:

JUST IN: Tucker Carlson blasts Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham and Dan Crenshaw for being warmongers with their responses to the Israel-Hamas war.

Carlson specifically blasted Graham for “not caring” about lost lives because he is nearly 70 years old with no kids.

“What exactly would happen to the United States if we declared war on Iran and started blowing up their infrastructure?”

“Lindsey Graham has no clue what would happen. He hasn’t thought it through. He’s almost 70 years old and he has no children. He doesn’t care.”

“But neither amazingly do most of his colleagues in Washington, they’re as reckless as he is.”

The moment anyone speaks out to question the “wisdom of war,” the neocons start throwing punches. That’s precisely what Ben Shapiro is doing at the moment—criticizing Tucker for his rational, America-first approach to this situation.


“The question for American policymakers, however, is what do we do next?” asked Carlson before suggesting that the events of last weekend could easily lead to war with Iran and even the use of nuclear weapons.

He excoriated Nikki Haley for suggesting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “finish”  Hamas once and for all.

“She’s a child and this is the tantrum of a child,” insisted Carlson, who mistook Haley for talking about Iran rather than Hamas while characterizing her as “ignorant, cocksure,” and “bloodthirsty.” Carlson continued in these terms, causing Shapiro to launch into a blistering criticism of him that included some weighty allegations.

“He did an interview with Vivek Ramaswamy, and he likened what just happened in Israel, the kidnapping of women and their rape. I mean, he’s showing a video of this happening like as he’s talking about this. He compared that to drug overdose deaths in the United States. Now, I believe we should fully care about the 100,000 drug overdose deaths that happen in the United States — these are two completely different issues. To go this far afield, to link the issues, the only reason you’re doing this is because you wish to downplay the atrocity that just happened in Israel,” declared Shapiro. He continued:

You’re not up-playing the atrocity of what’s happening on American streets. Those are two different types of atrocities. People who are addicted to fentanyl, sticking needles in their arms and overdosing is a moral blight. It is a moral atrocity and a moral evil for people to kidnap women, rape them and drag them back to the Gaza border. Those are not the same thing and Tucker knows that. But this is a cheap way of telling you not to look. Don’t look. Stop caring. Because after all, what does it matter? What does it matter? Now again, I don’t know who thinks that that’s a sophisticated point of view, especially when nobody is calling for America to go to war with Iran. The entire purpose of having an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean is to avoid that. But here is Tucker playing — I don’t even know the game he’s playing. It’s just a dumb, it’s a dumb game.

Ben fails to understand that Tucker isn’t minimizing the atrocities; instead, he’s urging caution to prevent the U.S. from its typical mistakes—reacting impulsively under the sway of the warmongering military-industrial complex and diving head-first into yet another never-ending Middle Eastern conflict. Ben’s tunnel vision only allows him to see a need for military action.


Shapiro continued, failing to understand Tucker’s point about the drug epidemic.

After playing a clip of Carlson’s interview with Ramaswamy in which the host claimed that “no one” expresses the same outrage over overdose deaths in the United States, Shapiro sarcastically remarked that Carlson sounded “very outraged” on behalf of Israel before laying into him again:

First of all, people are on bullhorns yelling about drug overdoses and the open border all the time. All the time. What is he even talking about? What he’s attempting to do is minimize what happened in Israel. He’s not attempting to maximize what happened in the United States. He’s attempting to minimize, as though America can’t walk and chew gum, morally speaking, at the same time, which is absurd. And those two things are nothing alike. I’m sorry, that is not alike. It is not alike for drug smugglers to smuggle drugs over the border, which someone then takes and shoves into their arm and then they die of an overdose. That is not the same thing. I promise you, it is not the same thing as a terrorist breaking into your home and murdering your children in their beds in front of you and dragging your wife off to be raped in Gaza. That is not the same thing. Pretending that is a moral, it’s a moral blight. It’s idiocy. It’s just moral stupidity at the highest level. Of course, we should care about what happens with fentanyl. Of course we should care about — we should close our border. Have I been unclear about this? Of course America should have closed borders when it comes to this sort of stuff. I’m on the same side as Tucker on that. I just don’t understand why he’s not on my side when it comes to ‘Hamas has to be wiped off the face of the earth.’ What exactly is the counter argument?

What Ben doesn’t seem to grasp is that our country is also under attack from terrorists—only it’s happening on a far more extensive and devastating scale. Ben also seems to not understand that the hyperbolic warmongering in which he indulges is neither good for Israel nor conducive to consolidating a durable, lasting base of support for Israel in America. Instead of picking a fight with Tucker Carlson, who condemned Hamas’ terrorist attack and affirmed Israel’s right to defend itself, Ben Shapiro might productively focus on the emerging threat to both Americans and Israel—that is, the hornets nest of BLM/Hamas sympathizers embedded within our nation’s higher education institutions.

Shapiro concluded his unhinged tirade by accusing Tucker of “moral blindness.” Ironically, it’s Ben who seems to have the real vision issue. He’s so entranced by the military-industrial complex that his view is limited to bombs and dead U.S. soldiers, all under the guise of a misguided zealotry that does neither Israel nor, most importantly, the American people any favors.