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At this point, would anyone be surprised if our government was willing to assassinate a U.S. president, bomb its own citizens, or unleash a virus to influence an election? Probably not. And this isn’t “tinfoil hat” conjecture; many level-headed people are raising serious questions about our government’s actions. Recently, public figures like Senator Rand Paul and RFK Jr. have been very outspoken about the government’s role in events such as the Kennedy assassinations and the COVID-19 “pandemic.” Rightly so, as the government has time and again proven itself utterly untrustworthy.

Adding to the mystery is another bombshell that relates to the events of 9/11. A well-known Twitter account, ‘WallStreetApes,’ recently shared a revealing post and video from Glenn Beck. The post highlights the media’s glaring silence on a document endorsed by 11 former FBI agents and two former CIA agents. This document alleges that the CIA was not only aware of the 9/11 hijackers but actively recruited them and hid their plans from the FBI.

Wow, this news might come as a shock, but believe it or not, some folks have been saying this for decades.

Here’s what Glenn said:

“Let me show you this. This is a document from the sworn declaration of a 9-11 investigator with the Office of Military Commissions, part of the Department of Defense’s Military Commissions Defense Organization. This document is dated July 20, 2021. It first appeared on a former Washington Post journalist substack, Jeff Stein’s Spy Talk.

Have you heard anything new at all regarding the 9-11 investigation in the last 10 years? Anything.

Have you heard anything about the newly discovered sworn declaration anywhere in the mainstream media? I saw it once. Maybe there’s nothing to it. Well, I mean nothing is probably a little too harsh. Just the allegation from multiple FBI agents that the CIA was running an illegal domestic spy agency inside the United States.

The declaration says that the saudis were being used as intermediaries to recruit al-qaeda operatives for the CIA quote al-bawami was an intelligent it could be salami i don’t know how to print anyway uh… he was running uh… he was an intelligence officer in the the employee of the saudi government he was quote two of the nine eleven hijackers at the saudi consulate in los angeles this declaration alleges the CIA new the hijackers we’re inside the united states and they wanted to work with them to recruit them through an illegal domestic espionage operation and hid everything from the FBIA

This information just came out. Just came out.

Does anybody find that interesting does anybody find it interesting that it’s not everywhere in the mainstream media i mean the c i a was running illegal operations accidentally led to the worst tragedy on american soil i mean that seems kind of newsworthy where’s the curiosity from the press is a problem of sourcing

Well, let’s see. This account comes after the interviews of 11 ex-FBI agents, two ex-CIA agents, a CNN investigative journalist, former deputy of national security advisor Richard Clark, and former Senator Bob Graham from Florida, a Democrat. He was a co-chair of Congress’s joint inquiry into 9-11.

I don’t know it’s an amazing claim it seems to have all lot of sources but the media doesn’t care”

If this turns out to be true, and there’s a good chance it might, our government would make North Korea’s evil communist regime seem as harmless as a litter of kittens.