High drama.

This just in: “House Speaker McCarthy Fails Test Vote, Now Faces Real Motion to End His Power”

The Messenger:

Kevin McCarthy inched perilously closer Tuesday to losing his grip on power, as Democrats joined with GOP rebels on the House floor voting against an attempt to save the California Republican’s speakership from doom.

Democrats unanimously voted against a procedural motion that would have blocked an effort to oust McCarthy as speaker of the House, declining to help a GOP leader who they distrust and have repeatedly criticized for catering to “MAGA extremists.”

A small but effective contingent of 11 GOP hardliners prevailed. Asked if there was any deal making left to be done to stop them from toppling him when the real motion comes to the floor later Tuesday, McCarthy told reporters: “These are the same ones who opposed me before. And they’re turning the floor over to the Democrats.”

After a rocky and uncertain lobbying effort, Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, the leader of the oust-McCarthy movement, ultimately secured plenty of Republican support to take his quest to the next level. The vote was 208-218.

Many are sharing their opinion on Kevin McCarthy on Twitter.

Sean Davis:

Every conservative lawmaker I’ve talked to points to the debt limit deal as the moment when trust was broken between McCarthy and conservatives who backed him in January. That lack of trust—not any specific policy item in the CR/shutdown fight—is what paved the way to this afternoon’s vote. https://thefederalist.com/2023/06/01/democrats-victory-lap-over-mccarthys-debt-ceiling-surrender-tells-you-all-you-need-to-know-about-the-compromise/ 

Gavin Wax:

An Anon:

Lawyer Rogan O’Handley:

Vacating McCarthy – My analysis:

I stand with Rep @mattgaetz

McCarthy agreed to rules when he was voted in as Speaker that he is not following

Now he gets punished, simple as that

If Gaetz and others don’t hold him accountable, KM will continue to steamroll Republican voters with Uniparty concessions

Yes, I’d prefer to continue investigating the Biden crime family and fight as a unified front against the Democrats, but at a certain point, we have to put our foot down and say “enough is enough”

That time is now

Here’s what I think will happen:

McCarthy will be vacated from the Speaker position and we’ll return to endless rounds of Speaker votes

Do we have an heir apparent? No

I frankly expect McCarthy to be voted back in as Speaker after an extensive public humiliation exercise, but only after more concessions are made to Gaetz and crew

And that’s what why we should all support Gaetz

Democracy is ugly, messy, and uncertain, but real change can only happen when courageous Patriots take a firm stand

Gaetz and crew are the Patriots taking that stand and returning even more power back to the People

Things are about to get interesting.

Here’s what could happen next: