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By now, you may notice a recurring pattern in our state-run propaganda media where incidents involving black individuals harming white individuals are reported quite differently from cases involving blacks harming whites. When a white person is accused of harming a black person, it receives extensive coverage, with a strong emphasis on race and racism as the central focus of the story. However, when a black person harms a white person, it’s either rarely reported, or if it is, the possibility of a racist hate crime is seldom mentioned. In some cases, the media even conceals the identity of the black perp to prevent unwarranted attacks or ridicule. This is the propaganda that our media tries to pawn off as “news coverage” and reporting. In reality, it’s nothing more than the left trying desperately to control their narrative that white people are destroying the country with hate, violence, and racism. In reality, it’s black people who are more likely to be guilty of all the above.

There’s a story from Louisiana that illustrates this troubling situation. A white guy was walking down a bustling New Orleans street when he accidentally stepped on the foot of a black man. Rather than a simple apology and moving on, the black man, along with his black friend, proceeded to brutally assault the white guy. The attack was so severe that he was nearly killed, and he now faces a severe brain injury and is still fighting for his life. The question arises: was this a racially motivated act? Well, don’t expect the media to address it, as they are refusing to raise such obvious questions when the story doesn’t fit their narrative.

The Messenger:

Scott Wagner, a New Orleans resident, was attacked after he stepped on another person’s shoes apparently by accident, according to a New Orleans Police Department statement and a family interview with 4WWL.

The victim’s family said he is suffering from a life-threatening traumatic brain injury and he may not survive.

The incident occurred in an area near the French Quarter on Sept. 24. After Wagner stepped on the man’s shoes, the attacker approached Wagner from the back and punched, causing Wagner to fall to the ground. The attacker then allegedly punched the Wagner several more times until he was unconscious.

According to reporting from 4WWL, Wagner moved to New Orleans two years. His family told the news outlet the Pittsburgh native “loved it here.”

His family was told that Wagner left his job at Mr. Ed’s Seafood in the French Quarter and went into Check Point Charlie, a bar and laundromat, when he was attacked and left unconscious.

Adding insult to injury, the police are not even responding to the family. The Messenger piece continues:

“It’s a horrible thing to see him like this, and we would like some answers, Gloria Cranmer, Wagner’s sister told the outlet. “We’ve called [police] 14 times and have not had one return call as to what is happening.”

Police told the news outlet in a statement that “The NOPD is actively investigating this incident as a second-degree battery. Upon arriving at the scene, the victim appeared to be alone and officer could not speak to him to get any information let alone contacts.”

Here’s an image of the suspects wanted in this possibly race-driven hate crime. Unfortunately, what happened to this poor man seems to have been met with a rather indifferent response.

Let’s pray the victim recovers and he and his family get the justice they deserve.