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The team of banshee fishwives running the state of Michigan into the ground is once again on a hormonal warpath against all things Trump. As you likely know by now, Michigan’s lesbian AG Dana Nessel has a singular focus: taking down anyone who voted for President Trump, even if they happen to be 80-year-old grandparents. Nessel is going after the Trump electors in Michigan who selflessly did all they could to “stop the steal” back in 2020. But she’s not stopping there; Nessel is also targeting those who are donating money to the legal defense of these elderly electors. Fortunately, the good people at GiveSendGo have told Dana Nessel and her Michigan harpies to take a hike.

Big League Politics:

Attorney Joshua Blanchard, a veteran criminal defense attorney in Michigan, commented on the peculiar nature of this request and its impact on the case.

“I’ve never had the government demand to know who was paying my bill,” Blanchard said.

“One could fairly look at this from the outside and wonder if it’s just trying to harass the folks who are defending the false electors,” he added.

GiveSendGo responded to news of the reports and claimed they would not be complying with the request from AG Nessel’s office.

“We are aware of the reports regarding the search warrant. At GiveSendGo, we value the privacy of our givers and users and will protect it. Our founders have made it clear that we have not complied with these illegal search warrants, viewing them as overreaches and invasions of privacy. We are committed to challenging and resisting any such demands that compromise the privacy and trust of our community. We’ll continue to uphold the values our platform is built upon in our mission to share the hope of Jesus through crowdfunding,” GiveSendGo said in a statement.

It’s nobody’s business whom Americans choose to donate money to, especially not some partisan, anti-Trump lesbian Attorney General on a power trip. Let this be another reminder of how important it is to use “friendly” companies like GiveSendGo, who will have our backs when the tyrants come calling.