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Well, it appears that Ukraine isn’t the only money-laundering scheme orchestrated by this regime. We’ve got a new one on our hands, and it’s a bombshell. Like everything else this failing administration touches, it too warrants a criminal investigation. According to recent congressional testimony, half of the pandemic “relief” funds ended up in the hands of our foreign adversaries, like China and Russia. Is this some sort of payoff for instigating the pandemic and ousting Trump from office? God knows it’s a question that begs to be asked, and hordes of folks online are convinced this was “payment” for a job well done.

Here’s what Collin Rugg, co-founder of Trending Politics, had to say in his post on X:

NEW: Forensic accounting expert Linda Miller testified to members of Congress this week that up to *HALF* of pandemic relief fraud was stolen by United States adversaries like China and Russia.

Holy s***!!

“Data on this is still being evaluated, but there are some estimates that half of the Pandemic unemployment assistance fraud went to adversarial nations,” she said, as reported by the Epoch Times.

“The nearly $5 trillion in government relief spending during the COVID-19 pandemic, much of which was disbursed as direct payments to citizens, created the perfect storm for fraud.”

“A combination of inadequate oversight and internal controls, large-scale organized fraud rings and antiquated data and information systems contributed to the massive, widespread fraud we saw during the pandemic.”

“Agencies were unprepared for the fraud they encountered largely due to a lack of attention on fraud risks.”


The scale of corruption, waste, fraud, incompetence, and abuse that the American people are putting up with from this corrupt regime is off the charts. The question now is: how much longer can the United States endure this abuse? We’re a nation on the decline, and it’s astounding that everyone, including the GOP, is sitting idly by, watching it all crumble, and hardly raising a word of objection.