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The do-gooder liberal mindset can have dire consequences, a phenomenon we’re witnessing all too frequently these days. For example, in just a 72-hour time span, two liberal activists were brutally murdered by the very thugs they supported and defended.

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But that’s par for the course, because within the realm of the progressive religion, there’s the idea that everyone, including people who’ve committed heinous acts like murder, rape, and robbery (with the exception of Trump supporters), are essentially good people who are simply misunderstood by a racist, white society. This twisted and unrealistic mindset has not only endangered many but has also resulted in tragic consequences. Take, for instance, the “refugees welcome” mantra, according to which liberals swing open the doors for anyone to enter their country and take over. We’ve watched the transformation of countries like France and England, which have descended into states of violence and chaos.

Who can forget the horrific events that unfolded in Lampedusa, Italy, just three weeks ago, when African migrants swarmed the shores of the tiny island? Do these people look eager to assimilate into Italian culture?


Due to these migration “bum rushes” that liberals embrace, valuable traditions and cultures have been swallowed up in a sea of strangers. And speaking of the sea and encounters with strangers, a crew of Dutch sailors came across a group of African migrants in need of rescue. The Dutch sailors believed they were helping the military-aged African men by inviting them on board. However, moments later, they found themselves confronted by a knife-wielding attack, and the group of migrants attempted to seize control of the ship.


The rescue operation took place in the area of operation of the Moroccan Maritime Rescue Service. The ship’s captain informed the coordinating center in the capital of Morocco about the situation – he received an order to transport the rescued migrants to the port of Tan-Tan.

On the way, the Dutch encountered a second wooden boat with migrants. They also took them on board. In total, as reported by the Dutch public broadcaster NOS, the crew of the Vos Pace rescued 79 immigrants from Africa.

When the immigrants realized they were sailing to Morocco instead of the Canary Islands, they started a rebellion on board. Chaos ensued – foreign media reports. Several immigrants were reportedly threatening the Dutch with knives. They tried to take over the vessel.

Ultimately, the captain decided to change course to the Canary Island, Fuerteventura. Upon landing, nine immigrants were immediately arrested for assault on the ship.

– We should not underestimate what happened there – said the spokesperson of the transport company from Breda, the ship’s owner. He emphasized that they are proud of the behavior of the tugboat’s crew.

Those Dutch sailors are lucky to be alive, and hopefully they learned a valuable lesson. When will liberals learn that the world isn’t filled with gumdrops and lollipops? Sadly, their inability to perceive the world’s true nature, combined with their pursuit of misguided virtue and the desire to be hailed as “social justice heroes,” is endangering the rest of us and destroying countries, traditions, and cultures worldwide. And the truth is, that’s probably their end goal.