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We’re all aware of the situation in the Middle East. This is a land dispute rooted in Biblical times, and it’s doubtful we’ll see a resolution in our lifetime. It’s a heart-wrenching scenario, but it’s not our battle. We’ve already lost countless brave men and women in that war-torn area. Now, our attention needs to turn to our own nation, which is dying before our very eyes, and nobody is coming to rescue us.

What’s truly concerning is that the Military-Industrial Complex craves war—it’s their ticket to billions. They’re masters at pushing out propaganda and stoking fears. Their goal? Persuading Americans on both sides of the political aisle that this is indeed “our battle,” especially when hostages are involved. Yet, as President Trump showed us, there are ways to secure hostages without resorting to warfare.

But that doesn’t seem to be the path the Biden regime is taking, and the consequences could be dire. Based on one general’s account, we’ve faced significant attacks and suffered numerous casualties in Gaza. Big, bad, and very bloody losses.

Here’s a closeup of the image:

Colonel Douglas McGregor says we took a massive hit and lost many American lives during this secret operation.

A popular X account who goes by il libanese shared the clip online.

A retired US colonel announced the death of American special forces in the Gaza Strip

Colonel Douglas McGregor told TV host Tucker Carlson that the United States had already allegedly attempted to carry out an operation to free hostages from Hamas captivity. According to McGregor, the operation was carried out with the assistance of Israel and was a complete failure:

(Video at 9:45) “As we have seen very recently, within the last 24 hours or so, some of our special forces and Israeli special forces have gone into the Gaza Strip to conduct reconnaissance and plan where they can go to release the hostages and exert influence. And they were shot and suffered heavy losses, as far as I understand” McGregor said.

The colonel’s words should not be taken at face value, because he did not provide any evidence. On the other hand, McGregor still has enough connections in the army to be privy to even such shameful details.

In any case, even if such a failure occurred, the command of the US Armed Forces will do everything to hide it even from its own citizens, and possibly from the White House.

We can’t independently verify Colonel McGregor’s statements, but we do know he’s a high-ranking figure with deep connections. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for someone of his stature to have access to such information. So, keeping all of that in mind, this is deeply concerning and truly heartbreaking. It’s always devastating to hear about any American falling in combat, especially in situations like these.