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If there’s a hill to die on, politically speaking, it’s the “cashless society” issue. There’s no move the globalists could make that’s more powerful than eliminating cash from our lives. It’s a “nuclear” move; it will change the entire landscape of the earth in short order. Imagine how easy it will be to control the masses when all our “Dear Leaders” need to do is flip a switch to cut off a “dissident” from all his finances, effectively destroying his life. Do that a couple of times, and it’s likely everyone will quickly fall in line, don’t you think? This is why we must resist the globalist plan for a cash-free society, or “digital currency,” as they like to call it.

One individual who truly grasps the alarming implications of a “cashless society” is Joe Rogan. He recognizes that he’d likely be among the first they’d target and totally wipe out—with a flip of the switch. It’ll be so damn easy for world regimes to silence and destroy all dissenters this way.

The reason we’re discussing this today and sounding the alarm on a cash-free society is because the globalists need to implement this to further their agenda. On the flip side, patriots must resist it to remain free. It’s a significant standoff right now, but the concerning part is that the globalists are gaining ground. They’re convincing many that electronic currency is all about progress and technology. However, that’s far from the truth. It’s all about power and control. Unfortunately, this message hasn’t reached many who are either unaware of the underlying motives or simply indifferent.

The globalists will make Australia the epicenter for their cashless plot, aiming to introduce it in the United States, perhaps by the 2024 election—perfectly timed for another major disruption, right?

By now, you might be wondering why anyone would want the government to have full access to all of their financial transactions. Sadly, due to recent events, including the COVID fiasco, a considerable number of people falsely believe that the government’s primary role is to take care of them and rectify problems. Surprisingly, the left, which once held strong and healthy skepticism of centralized power, has become a cheerleader for big pharmaceutical companies and the government’s overarching role. It’s alarming to watch and scary to see how easily the government can persuade a vast portion of the population into doing things that, under normal circumstances, would seem unfathomable.

That’s the extent to which our government goes to exert control over every aspect of our lives, all to maintain their grip on power. Scary. Resist a cashless society with every fiber of your being, folks. It’s the hill to die on, if need be.