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Anyone who’s been even slightly tuned into politics over the years knows that Joe Biden is a slippery, self-serving politician. They’ve tried to label him as “Uncle Joe” and even “Grandpa Joe,” but the reality is much different. He’s more like ‘Crooked Joe’—an arrogant, entitled man who has used his power and influence to benefit himself and his family of leeches. Fortunately, it seems like his past is catching up to him. Republicans appear to have found the missing link to tie Biden to his family’s criminal business empire, and they’ve got their evidence: a $200,000 check from his brother’s fraudulent business venture.

The Federalist:

According to bank records obtained by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, President Joe Biden received a check for $200,000 from his brother James Biden on March 1, 2018 — the same day James Biden’s health care company, Americore, wired a loan of the same amount into the personal bank account of James and his wife Sara.

In January 2020, the FBI raided the home of Americore’s CEO Grant White and a rural hospital in Pennsylvania that the company was operating. After the company declared bankruptcy, a filing from a federal trustee accused White of “improperly siphon[ing] money from the Debtors for his personal benefit.” James Biden, who had business cards listing him as a “principal” at Americore, and two business partners promised to deliver as much as $30 million in investment money to the company that never materialized, according to White.

Further, a lawsuit alleging fraud against James Biden and his business partners, notes that James Biden heavily touted his brother’s political connections as a reason he could obtain money from foreign investors. According to the lawsuit from Tennessee businessman Michael Frey and his partner Dr. Mohannad Azzam, they took out loans to invest in Americore with the assurance that they would be paid back when Biden helped secure investments from Dogan Holding — one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates.

White also affirms that James Biden was trading on his brother’s political connections. “[Biden told me] there’s not a single door in the country that we can’t open. So if I wanted to meet, you know, the head of Google, it’s a phone call,” he told The Federalist in 2020. “He always represented himself as the fundraiser for his brother’s campaigns… he was the guy raising the money and so he knew everybody.”

Despite the fact that Americore was having cash flow issues, White told The Federalist Biden pushed the company to improperly divert $650,000 from the company to him in the form of personal loans…

Things just got very real for Biden. The Republicans were looking for a “smoking gun,” and it seems they’ve found it. This revelation follows a string of polls that show President Trump beating a very weary and confused Biden. It makes you wonder if Democrats are the ones providing Republicans with the “evidence” needed to take down Joe, paving the way for a replacement like Newsom.