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By now, you’ve likely come to realize that much of what we see going on isn’t exactly as it appears. Governments have a long history of not always being truthful with their citizens, a tradition that dates back to the inception of governance itself. However, what we’ve witnessed recently is a barrage of smoke and mirror tactics employed by the Biden administration at an unprecedented level. It all began with his “basement campaign” and the highly debated 2020 election and has continued throughout his administration, where most everyone sees a senile old crook who’s destroying the country while masquerading as a leader. But the media and Democrats present a narrative of a capable, intelligent leader firmly in control, presiding over the world’s strongest economy. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were in the Twilight Zone.

This phenomenon is not limited to just Biden and the United States. Unpopular globalists worldwide use similar “smoke and mirrors” tactics to persuade people that what they actually see and feel isn’t reality. Take, for instance, Ukrainian leader Zelensky during his visit to America. Zelensky failed to draw a sizable audience for his speech at the UN; in fact, it was attended by a rather sparse crowd. However, the warmongering elites couldn’t allow the truth to get out, fearing questions about their support for such an unpopular little guy. So, what did they do? They edited the video, adding a massive, overflowing crowd to deceive everyone into believing that the entire world was eager to hear Zelensky speak.

However, their editing blunder became evident when they inserted a crowd into the clip that included Zelensky seated among them. Oh boy…

Here is a screen shot from the fake audience. You can actually see Zelensky in the crowd.



This is the real audience, and it appears quite sparse. This scarcity is probably the reason they’ve embellished it with their infamous smoke and mirror deception.


National File reported that many people actually walked out of the speech:

The X aka Twitter account @SahilRMahajan also estimated that about “half” of the crowd left, speculating, “Possibility is that the members of the audience were simply not interested in what Zelensky had to say. Zelensky’s speech was long and detailed, and it covered a wide range of topics, including the war in Ukraine, the global food crisis, and the need for reform at the United Nations. It is possible that some members of the audience simply found the speech to be too long or too boring. Another possibility is that some members of the audience were uncomfortable with Zelensky’s criticisms of Russia. It is possible that some members of the audience were uncomfortable with Zelensky’s strong language, or that they did not agree with his assessment of the situation in Ukraine.”

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona recently tweeted NATIONAL FILE’s groundbreaking report in which we interviewed former administration officials from Volodymyr Zelensky’s Ukrainian regime. The National File report details allegations against Zelensky ranging from money laundering and cocaine use to theft of U.S. taxpayer money and accepting money from Russia to serve as controlled opposition to prolong the war.

Zelensky is in Washington, D.C. to try to further pillage the American taxpayers. The Joe Biden regime wants Congress to sign off on about $24 billion in new foreign aid for Zelensky’s failing Ukrainian war effort. So far, the leaders in both the Republican and Democrat parties in Washington have treated the U.S. Treasury like a big pile of gold coins for Zelensky to swim around in, Scrooge McDuck-style.

But Zelensky’s embarrassing UN speech wasn’t the only setback during his United States trip. The real blow came from House Republicans. The leader of the Ukraine, who’s receiving billions of our hard-earned tax dollars, has recently discovered that there are many Americans who don’t like him. He came to realize this when he made a desperate attempt to secure a speaking gig to address the American people directly on the floor of Congress. Fortunately, the GOP-led House was smart enough to politely decline.

The Political Brief:

Speaker Kevin McCarthy has rejected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s request to address House members during his visit to Capitol Hill on Thursday.

Faced with a rebellion within his ranks from the right wing and growing resistance within the GOP to financial support for Ukraine, McCarthy did not consider it to be a prudent time to showcase the former funnyman-turned-president before a joint session of Congress.

While McCarthy is slated to have a private meeting with Zelensky, his decision to forgo a gathering where the Ukrainian president could directly appeal to rank-and-file legislators highlights the significant divisions among Republicans regarding ongoing U.S. support for Kyiv in its struggle against the Russian invasion.

This also underscores McCarthy’s own precarious position as he becomes a target of criticism from the right wing over federal spending and increased threats to remove him unless he embraces their priorities, including cutting off financial aid to Ukraine.

Senator J.D. Vance understand exactly how many Americans feel about this war.

The last thing the American people, who are facing their own challenges, need is to be subjected to the words of an ungrateful warmonger attempting to guilt and blackmail us into sending more of our hard-earned money. Meanwhile, we’re allocating billions to secure and protect Ukraine, all while these events unfold in our own backyard.

No more. Enough is enough.