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What defines a successful First Lady? For many, it’s someone who gracefully and steadfastly supports her husband, engages in philanthropic endeavors, and looks impeccably polished around the clock — essentially, Melania Trump. She excelled as First Lady because she understood the significance of embodying the role.

Over the years, we’ve seen a range of First Ladies, and it appears that less-than-stellar fashion choices often come from the Democratic camp. The last truly elegant and style-savvy First Lady from the left was arguably Jackie Kennedy.
After her, it’s been a steady decline, starting with Hillary Clinton and her infamous pantsuits, which have now morphed into straw hats and muumuus. We’re not sure which is worse, honestly. Then Michelle Obama had her own fashion missteps, setting a low bar that seemed unbeatable. But Jill Biden arrived and outdid them all with her uniquely frumpy style. Remember the time she channeled an even more geriatric Madonna, complete with a mini dress, ankle boots, and fishnets?

While Joe Biden is routinely embarrassing the United States on the world stage with his endless blunders and scandals, his wife isn’t much better. Jill is out there sporting looks that can best be described as a bizarre lovechild of Alice Cooper and a thrift-store-shopping hobo on a bender.

Source: Daily Mail

Jill’s fashion choices are truly perplexing. There was a time when she had a strong sense of style that was genuinely flattering, but those days appear to be long gone.

Sadly, these days, she’s all over the map, looking like she’s wearing couch cushions, shower curtains, and tablecloths.

While the majority of the media showers Jill with praise, acting as if she’s the epitome of fashion-forward thinking, you’ll find a rare few who aren’t afraid to serve up some brutal honesty.

Out Spoken:

Glamor. Style. Class.

These are the words we associate with America’s First Ladies.

From Martha Washington and Abigail Adams to Barbara Bush and Melania Trump, the White House has always been enhanced with chic, colorful styles.

In the 1960s, Jackie Onassis became an international fashion icon for her love of European designers Chanel and Givenchy, which she famously pimped with oversized sunglasses and pillbox hats.

After that, Betty Ford’s tailored chic saw her wear wide-leg trousers with beautiful blazers, walking a tasteful life through the mid-seventies.

The following decade, Nancy Reagan embodied 80s power-dressing with red, white, and blue creations from U.S. designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass, and Carolina Herrera.

More recently, Melania Trump provided Vogue-level flair thanks to Alexander McQueen, Dior, Prada and London’s Victoria Beckham.

Together, these women—along with their many peers—injected some much-needed glamor into global politics.

Unfortunately, the one exception to this rule is the incumbent First Lady, Jill Biden. From foul fishnets to floral fails, no other White Housewife has got it so spectacularly wrong on a consistent basis.

Jill’s fashion sense hit a shocking low in September 2022 when she stepped out in a skintight outfit best described as having a “vinyl-like” appearance.

The piece from Out Spoken elaborates:

It’s a good job this sequinned dress screams D-I-S-C-O because it was worn for a White House concert featuring Elton John.

Unfortunately, the shimmering number did nothing for her cleavage, which seemed to take inspiration from J. R. R. Tolkien and settle somewhere around Middle Earth.

Her taut tummy was also done a disservice by this fashion fail, so we sincerely hope it has since been donated to a local drag queen. Or Elton.

And who could forget when Jill opted for a Krystle Carrington look, straight out of the 1980s TV series “Dynasty”? As for Joe, he seemed more like an absent-minded butler than her co-star.

But what’s truly cringeworthy about Jill’s fashion sense is her insistence on recycling her worst looks not once, not twice, but three times. Yes, you heard it right. In fact, it was Chadwick Moore, Tucker Carlson’s autobiographer, who recently spotlighted Jill’s fashion faux pas. It centers around this pixelated “Atari” disaster, which might be Jill’s most egregious look yet, making it utterly baffling why she’d choose to resurrect it for a third time.

Oh, lord — check out those sneakers.


There’s a lot of mess we can unload when it comes to the Bidens — be it scandals or Joe’s mental fog. But let’s not overlook Jill Biden’s ghastly fashion missteps. They’re the icing on the cake of this administration’s buffoonery and yet another embarrassment for the United States to live down on the world stage. Seriously, at this point, one has to wonder: is Jill’s stylist an undercover Trump supporter?