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Setting up a great shot for social media is no small feat, is it? Between assembling your tripod, fine-tuning the lighting, and experimenting with camera angles, it’s a lot of work. Now picture doing all that, not for fun or creativity, but to cast yourself as a persecuted supermom. That’s the latest trend among some women on TikTok. These “Martyr Moms” not only have all this free time to stage daily chores for social media clicks, but they also manage to make their husbands look like total jerks in the process.

Take, for instance, this TikTok mom who captures a chaotic kitchen scene complete with pancake batter and fussy, scantily-clad toddlers. We’re supposed to pretend mom didn’t meticulously set up her camera near the Bisquick before she theatrically sighs and makes faces of exasperation as she flips her pancakes. Meanwhile, her “jerk” husband lounges comfortably in another room while she portrays herself as a tireless, long-suffering superhero, all for the sake of a stack of flapjacks. Women are definitely getting creative with the male bashing, that’s for sure. As conservative blogger Matt Walsh says, this type of “martyr complex” is deadly to a marriage.

Later, Matt aptly states, “Imagine thinking you’re some kind of persecuted Super Mom when all you did was make pancakes for dinner.” We couldn’t agree more. Nothing undermines a family more than when someone casts themselves in the role of a martyr. For all we know, the dad might have just wrapped up a 12-hour workday and needed a moment to unwind. But honestly, the ins and outs of this family’s personal dynamic shouldn’t be paraded online for likes and views. Shame on any spouse or parent who stoops to these pathetic levels for TikTok clout at the expense of their family’s dignity.