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Many people out there are struggling with the harsh reality of “vaccine injury.” Unfortunately, because this vaccine was turned into a political weapon, both the regime government and the state-run media are reluctant to acknowledge the suffering endured by these Americans. It doesn’t fit their narrative, so they sweep these people aside as if they don’t even exist. It’s horrific to watch. Fortunately, there’s one courageous nurse who refuses to let herself, as a vaccine-injured American, or others like her, be forgotten. Her name is Lindsey, and as a nurse, she’s making significant efforts to shed light on the overlooked Americans who have suffered severe injuries–and even fatalities–due to this vaccine that was thrust upon us.

In the video below, Lindsey reveals the astonishing transformation her blood has undergone when examined under a microscope. It’s truly startling.

This is the most evil thing I have ever witnessed to happen to humanity! I just tested Lyndsey’s (@HouseLyndsey) blood and there’s tons of hydrogel in it. This woman is a nurse and put her life on the line by being around sick people daily, and even took the vaccine to be able to continue to do so. Her red blood cells are very inflamed and also have spikes on them. This is not healthy blood. This is Nuremberg 2.0.
I have done something with Lindsey’s approval and will be testing her blood again in a few hours. If this turns out well, we are going to offer this to everyone. I’ll update in a few hours. Prayers for lindsey and all people who got the vaccine. 🙏

This was Lindsey at her very worst during the darkest times of her vax injury.

And now, after a brief hiatus from posting, she has an update. Here’s what Lindsey shared in her recent post on X:

I haven’t done a video in a while, so I figured I would hop on to do one.

Please watch the video of my blood under a microscope if you haven’t seen it yet. It needs to be shared far and wide to every single person! I’ll post it in the comments below.

I am speechless, numb, sad, and very very angry!!

Please watch this video and please someone HELP US !!

Acknowledge us. Research us, compensate us. Treat us.

Stop Hiding us! We do exist!

There have been so many that have already died and so many still injured. This has been going on for 3 years and I’m sick of its and tired of being abandoned!!

Wake up PEOPLE! Please just WAKE the F Up!

We’re grateful for courageous individuals like Lindsey who openly share their hardships with us. While we may not have the power to alleviate Lindsey’s suffering, we can contribute by raising awareness and consistently exposing the truth. We must ensure that those responsible for what happened to Lindsey and others are held accountable at some point. Keep shining a light on them–never left them retreat into the safety of the shadows.