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The situation in Sweden has deteriorated dramatically. While experts claim they’re baffled by the soaring crime, it’s clear to many that the root cause lies in the rise of migrant gangs now plaguing this formerly peaceful nation.

ABC News:

As many as 30,000 people in Sweden are involved in criminal networks, the country’s justice minister said Thursday, describing the figure as “breathtaking” and vowing to introduce new legislation to fight organized crime.

“Lethal firearm violence has increased dramatically and Sweden is in an extraordinarily serious situation,” said Gunnar Strommer, who added that an official investigation set to begin later this year would look into ways to convict more criminals. The probe should be completed by September 2024, he said.

Criminal gangs have become a growing problem in Sweden, a country of 10 million that has experienced an increase in drive-by shootings, bombings and grenade attacks. Most of the violence occurs in Sweden’s three largest cities: Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo.

The center-right government has vowed to tackle gang-related crime by tightening laws.

Through May, there have been 144 shootings this year, with 18 fatalities, according to Swedish police. Shootings also wounded 41 people, including innocent bystanders.

In 2022, Sweden set a record with 62 people fatally shot. There were 391 shootings that year and 107 people were injured. A year earlier, there were 344 shootings, with 45 killed and 115 wounded.

A 2021 report by the Swedish national council for crime prevention said Sweden had overtaken Italy and Eastern European countries for number of shootings mainly due to the violent activities of organized criminal gangs.

On Saturday, a shooting in a Stockholm suburb left two people dead and two others wounded, in what appeared to be a feud between criminal gangs. Two men in their 20s were later arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. Police found 21 rounds at the scene, Strommer said.

“This is one of the most pressing societal problems we have,” he said.

The situation has escalated to such an extent that migrants are now brazenly climbing ladders to break into residences, unleashing feverish attacks on families inside their own homes. What’s truly shocking is that one of these attacks was actually captured on video. Even more disturbing is that the man of the house took no action to defend his family or property from the violent migrant.  At the very least, he could have hurled a cast-iron frying pan or used some household cleaner as a deterrent. For heaven’s sake, do something, sir…

Turns out this man is an Algerian migrant, and the woman who lives in this house is his former girlfriend who he was trying to kill.


An Algerian migrant who stabbed his Swedish ex-girlfriend’s male friend with a large kitchen knife after she had broken up with him has been jailed for just two years.

On May 25 this year, 26-year-old Mohammed Amana drove to an apartment in the small town of Orrefors in Nybro municipality where his ex-partner was staying temporarily with her male friend.

He used a ladder to climb to the apartment’s balcony and used a large rock to smash the balcony window and enter the apartment equipped with a large blade, according to reporting by the Samnytt news outlet.

The male friend recorded the incident on his mobile phone, and the footage shown to the Swedish court showed Amana standing outside the locked bathroom door where his ex-girlfriend had taken refuge shouting, “Wallah, I will kill you; I swear on my mother.”

The migrant vowed to “open up” the woman and rape her mother.

Sounds like a great guy, no wonder Sweden invited him in.

The guy waited too long to intervene and ended up getting stabbed in both his neck and hand. The migrant was taken into custody after the incident and claimed he heard voices telling him to break into the apartment. Nobody believes that nonsense. This is yet another example of migrants from uncivilized cultures who either can’t or won’t adapt to Western norms.