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The team at MSNBC must be in damage control mode after an old video clip of one of their hosts resurfaced. The host, Mehdi Raza Hasan, is a British-American broadcaster with radical left-wing views who hosts controversial shows on both MSNBC and Peacock. Hasan is a controversial figure, well-known for spreading lies and fueling racial divisions and fear. The recent resurfacing of this particular clip provides insight into his underlying radical Muslim beliefs. Evidently, he harbors some deeply ingrained opinions; on one hand, he seems to view non-Muslims as “animals,” while also believing homosexuality is tied to pedophilia–sadly, research does back that theory up.

Baptist Press:

A social researcher who has studied sexual behavior for 24 years believes the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has sound reasons for maintaining its prohibition against gay scoutmasters.

A homosexual cannot automatically be considered a child molester, said Judith Reisman, president of the Institute for Media Education in suburban Louisville, Ky.

But with 17-24 percent of boys being abused by age 18, nearly as many as the 25 percent of girls, there is cause for concern, she said.

Since heterosexuals outnumber the homosexual population about 44 to 1, as a group the incidence of homosexuals molesting children is up to 40 times greater than heterosexuals, she said.

“You’re looking at a much higher rate of abuse,” said Reisman, a former university research professor who recently completed a study titled, “Crafting Gay Children.” “The Department of Justice just released data and the rate of abuse are off the charts.”

This video clip of Hasan has caused quite a stir.

A growing chorus of critics are labeling Hasan an anti-Hindu Islamist who uses his MSNBC platform to spread far-left politics. Critics argue that he has transformed his MSNBC show into a virtual “mosque pulpit” designed to push anti-Western hate. This recently surfaced clip definitely lends some credibility to those claims. Back in 2019, Hasan tried to do some “damage control” as his past hate began leaking out. He wrote this cringe-worthy “apology” thread on Twitter:

Since Christchurch, I’ve been talking/writing a lot about bigoted & hate speech & demonization, & the responsibility of journalists to get their rhetoric right. Words matter. I feel it’s crucial at times like this to be self-critical, too. So a tough thread for me: *THREAD*

Like a lot of journos (humans?) I’ve said things years ago that I now deeply regret. Chief among them for me is, more than a decade ago, in my 20s, when I wasn’t a public figure, I gave a bunch of speeches to students on Islam/extremism. And I said dumb offensive ranty stuff. 2/

Speaking without notes, & trying to be bombastic, I made stupid sweeping remarks about non-Muslims, especially atheists. I cringe now when I rehear/reread those remarks. I made stupid offensive analogies to animals. Argh. I’m embarrassed to have to write about all this again. 3/

The problem is that I’ve never really been able to fully reckon with what I said, esp as it was weaponized by right-wing trolls + Islamophobes to smear me as an “extremist” & a “jihadist”. Lol. It gets me death threats. Not-so-lol. So I’ve been defensive as years passed by. 4/

But the internet never forgets, I turn 40 this year, and Christchurch has again reminded me about why words matter. I was never one of those Muslim-extremists-turned-‘reformers’ (ugh) but as a much younger man I did on occasion say silly, offensive, extreme-sounding things. 5/

In the tail end of his cringe-inducing “apology,” Hasan talks about the “capacity” for change. What he really means is that only folks on the left have the magical ability to transform from hateful, venomous creatures into moral champions—or so he’d have us believe. Meanwhile, those of us who cast ballots for Trump are forever branded as racist, despicable animals, despite lacking Hasan’s own documented history of hate. Does it add up? Hardly. But then again, consistency is rarely a strong suit for these left-wing extremists. It’s all just a clumsy smokescreen to hide the repugnant individuals they truly are.

It is quite amazing how seamlessly Hasan made the transition from ranting, anti-West, anti-European, anti-Christ radical Islamic preacher to ranting, pompous, anti-West, anti-European, anti-Christ radical Marxist TV preacher. The two heresies are two peas in the same pod.