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Years from now, people will look back at this era in the United States and scratch their heads, wondering what on earth we were thinking. From the absurd notion that men can give birth to the whole “climate change” debacle, there’s a lot that will baffle future generations. But one of the most horrific wrongdoings will undoubtedly be how the so-called “experts” handled the COVID-19 “pandemic.” Maybe by that time, a reputable journalist who’s committed to the truth will unravel the real stories behind the virus and the vaccine. There’s obviously more than meets the eye.

As for the vaccine, what the United States government and various corporations did by imposing that vaccine on the American people through heavy-handed mandates is nothing short of a crime against humanity. This has been particularly devastating for the military. Service members were cornered into making a heart-wrenching decision: either lose their homes, livelihoods, and careers or submit to the vaccine. Many opted for the vaccine, and they’ve paid the price.

Independent reporter Rogan O’Handley shared a story recently on X about a vet who took the jab to save his Navy job. But in a cruel twist of fate, the jab caused him so much heart damage that the Navy discharged him, and now, they won’t pay for his care.

Here’s the heartbreaking story Rogan shared:

Working out at the gym this morning and a follower came up to say hi

He served in the Navy, is now 24 years old, and a very fit guy

Told me they forced him to take Moderna – he resisted but didn’t want to get discharged so he complied

Got myocarditis.

Navy discharged him anyway b/c his heart is so damaged

He’s applying for VA disability benefits and he said they’re pushing back on his vax injury saying it’s “not service related”


This is the most heartbreaking and infuriating story I’ve heard in a long time

Not only have thousands of soldiers been severely injured by Biden’s unnecessary vax mandates, but now the VA is playing games with their livelihoods

Seeing the heartbreak in this guy’s eyes changed me

I’ll make this a core issue going into 2024 and beyond

We can’t un-inject these brave Americans, but we can certainly pay them for their injuries acquired against their will in service of our country

It’s deeply unsettling to hear stories like this, especially when you realize he’s not the only one suffering. This kind of ordeal is playing out for countless Americans across the board, and it’s criminal in so many ways. At this point, with all we know, forcing someone to take these dangerous mRNA products should be categorized as assault or even attempted murder. And lying about a person’s service-related condition to deny them benefits is equally appalling and criminal. But let’s face it, this how the globalists operate. They’re hell-bent on forced vaccinations and denying rightful benefits, all while obsessing over trans issues and “racism.” When you break it down, the vaccine and the globalist regime share some eerie similarities—both can be toxic and deliver devasting, life-altering consequences without any warning whatsoever.