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On Sunday, something quite extraordinary occurred. The release of a new WAPO poll sent shockwaves through the political world and seriously shook Biden’s 2024 aspirations. The Post has boldly signaled they’re ready for Biden to go bye-bye with their stunning new poll showing President Trump with an astonishing 10-point lead.


Biden’s travails have been well documented this year in Post-ABC and other polls, although those surveys have shown that a general election contest between the two men remains a toss-up. The latest Post-ABC survey, however, produced a surprising result, with Trump ahead of Biden among registered voters by 10 percentage points — 52 percent to 42 percent. In May, a Post-ABC survey found Trump with a six-point lead among registered voters, 49 percent to Biden’s 43 percent.2:00 AM Another group that backs Trump by a big margin in the poll are those who say they did not vote in 2020. They account for about 15 percent of the overall sample of registered voters, and they favor Trump over Biden by 63 percent to 27 percent. That level of support is significantly stronger than among those in the poll who say they voted in 2020. Among that group, Trump is at 50 percent, Biden at 45 percent.
The red flag is all of this is that no pro-Trump pollsters reported this number. Only WAPO. Smells like a plot to take out Joe.

Right now, red flags are flying everywhere. For many folks, this poll reeks of Sunday morning political propaganda, all aimed at accelerating Biden’s departure. It’s the only plausible explanation for why no pro-Trump pollsters picked up on this trend. Had they, you can bet they’d be shouting it from the rooftops.

The big question now is, which faction does WAPO represent? Are they aligned with Team Obama, Team Kamala, or someone else entirely?