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Many of you may have seen a viral video of two black teenagers brutally hitting a white bike rider with a car. Now, we have the horrific details of what actually happened and the conclusion of this story is truly heart-wrenching. Two 17-year-old black teenagers who live in Las Vegas stole a car and intentionally took the life of a 64-year-old retired police chief who was innocently riding his bike. Perhaps most disturbing is that the teenagers committed this act simply for their own enjoyment and amusement.


Zero Hedge:

Major media outlets with a progressive slant downplay the surge in violent crime in Democratic-controlled cities and counties and often overlook the growing culture of violence affecting the younger generation.

There has been a rise in violence committed by teenagers and young men in major cities across the US. Some experts question if mental health issues stemming from Covid lockdowns are the reason for the outbursts of violence committed by the youth. Or perhaps Hollywood desensitizes teens with violent movies, songs, and video games. Or maybe it’s social media or the state promoting fatherless homes.

While it’s too early to tell why the younger generation feels the need to reenact scenes from the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ a video is going viral this weekend of an incident last month of teens in Las Vegas going on a joyride, senselessly targeting other vehicles and even intentionally running down a bicyclist.

On August 14, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested a 17-year-old driver of a Hyundai who fled the scene after intentionally running over and killing Andreas Probst, a retired California police chief.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the teens posted a video of the joyride on social media. Police were able to use the video as evidence, which showed the driver ‘intentionally’ killed Probst.

Warning. The video is horrific to watch.

Sadly, there is a concerning trend involving black teenagers committing heinous crimes, some of which have very clear “racist” elements. Strangely, these incidents often go unreported by the state-controlled media; as they don’t align with the left’s political agenda

As for the Las Vegas case, the s0-called “parents” of those two monsters who committed such a senseless murder should also face legal consequences. It’s inconceivable that someone can reach such a level of utter depravity without a lot of help and support from others. Lock the parents up, too.